Friday, March 30, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 29

Emi: Okay everyone, we're DONE! Good job, everybody!

(chaos ensues)

Ullrich: Hey... where'd Lenore's friend go?

Azrael: Excuse me! If I could have everyone's attention please!

Azrael: I am Detective Azrael St. Cloud, you are all...

Azrael: I would advise you not to come any closer, Sir.

Ullrich: Okay...

Azrael: As I was saying, you are all considered persons of interest in the murder of Princess Sheeri of the Colorado Royal Court. No one will be leaving the premises until my partner and I have had the opportunity to question all of you.

Jade: Hey Ullrich, um... let me handle this okay? Go take care of your little girl.

Ullrich: Okay, Jade, but this...

Jade: Yeah, I know. I'll take care of it.

Azrael: Excuse me?

Jade: YOU! How DARE you? You nearly pull a gun on a CIVILIAN? What are you THINKING?

Azrael: Valen, some crowd control please?

Valen: I'm sorry M'am, this is a police matter, you're going to have to...

Jade: Oh, I'm about to show you a "police matter" if you don't take your hand off me right this second.

Valen: Look, Lady...

Jade: Okay, I warned you...

(flip, toss, crash)

Valen: (from the floor) Ow.

Jade: Do I need to take you out too?

Azrael: You do realize that now I'm going to have to run you in for assaulting an officer. That's my partner, Detective Valen Southwind.

Jade: Well, I wouldn't worry too much about it, considering I'm about to have you both directing TRAFFIC! I'm Agent Jade Blackpool of Fae B.I., and you are WAY out of your jurisdiction, DETECTIVE.

Azrael: This is not a Fae B.I. matter. The police are investigating...

Jade: The police WERE investigating. The police were investigating a burglary. An investigation that they BUNGLED completely, giving the perp opportunity to come back and KILL the Princess two weeks later.

Azrael: Bungled is pretty harsh, Agent Blackpool...

Ullrich: Here, Valen. Let me help you up.

Valen: Thanks.

Ullrich: Why didn't you tell me you were a cop? What, doing surveillance? I thought we were friends.

Valen: Ullrich, I...

Giselle: Surveillance, hu? Was that what I was to you? A surveillance job?

Valen: Oh God, Giselle, no...

Giselle: You're a rat. And I hate you, Detective Rat.

Valen: Well, that went well.

Jade: You are directly interfering with my investigation!

Azrael: No one told me that the Fae B.I. had been called into this...

Ariel: Hmmm....
Ariel: Golly, it's been a fun party, but the cops are here, and gosh, look at the time!

Taelyn: Hey Ariel, what's going on?

Ariel: Taelyn! I... I've just gotten a phone call... my Uncle... Uncle Tex is very, very sick and I have to go take care of him.

Taelyn: Aww, I'm sorry Ariel. I sure hope he gets to feeling better.

Ariel: Yeah well, um...

Ariel: While I'm gone, would you mind watching my house? Feeding Baxter and all? Just make yourself at home while I'm away, okay sweetheart? Just like having your own house.

Taelyn: Wow, I...

Ariel: Great, gotta go. Dunno how long I'll be gone. Byeeeee.

Taelyn: Wow, my own house! I'm SAVED! And I can give the house I made to some other homeless pixie so they don't have to move either! WOW! Miss Ariel is the BEST!

Mercy: Gwindor? Gwindor? Where are you?

Mercy: (starting to cry) Gwindor... please. Where are you? I'm scared...

Female Voice: Are you okay, why are you crying? Can I help you find someone?

Mercy: M... Mom?