Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 19

Perigrine: Hello? Anyone? Help?

(group laughter from a distance)

Perigrine: Hello? Wendy? Emi? Anyone?

(voices from closer by, echoing slightly... coming up the staircase... outside, a distant roll of thunder)

Perigrine: Hello? Help. Anybody, help?

Lucien: So what is this "gremlin wrangle" that you are to be doing?

Kaia: Well, we investigate reports of strange behavior on computer operating systems and when it's not just Windows being a piece of...

Giselle: (gasp!) OH!

Perigrine: Help! Please... they...

Giselle: OH! The poor things! Here... let me... Kai.

Kaia: Got it.

Giselle: Who are you?

Perigrine: Perigrine Windwalker, at your service. I was outside with Valentine, waiting for the Wizards and...(HUGE CLAP OF THUNDER) Yikes! I guess at least they're not trying to fly in this storm. This moved in fast!

Lucien: Indeed. This is to be an interesting storm. Here, Giselle, may I to be seeing the little one?

Giselle: Of course, Lucien.

Lucien: They are of the Cattish tribe. Strange that they are to be flying here. Where did you say you were to be finding them, Pearofgrim?

Perigrine: You can call me Peri, and they flew into the windows outside. The wind caught them, I think.

Giselle: Come on, Kai. I think there are some blankets up in the front room. We'll bundle them up until they wake up.

Kaia: I think I'm going to name mine "Choco".

Giselle: They're not PETS Kai!

Kaia: Whatever...

Lucien: You are to be quite the hero, Peri. They would have died in the storm.

Peri: Wow, thanks.
Perigrine: (to self) Hu, "Hero" I like the sound of that. Perigrine Herowing. Yeah, I like that!

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