Friday, March 16, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 15

Mercy: Gwindor, can we stop a minute, please?

Gwindor: Of course, little one. The wind has kicked up, I think this storm is chasing us. Are you cold? Would you like my cloak to wear?

Mercy: No, no thank you. I am not cold.

Gwindor: We're very nearly there, and I'm sure there will be food and drink if you desire...

Mercy: No, that's not it either. I've been thinking... and... well, what if we get to the Treehouse and...

Mercy: ... and she doesn't want me? What will I do, Gwindor?

Gwindor: I am sure that she will want you, little Mercy. She would not have invited us if she did not want you...

Mercy: I don't mean the human woman, I think she dislikes NO fae. I mean... my mom.

Gwindor: Well, she had her reasons for leaving you with the fae, child. And I am sure she will be happy to have you back with her now.

Mercy: I hope you're right....

Gwindor: Fear not, all will be well. She will be delighted to see you after all these years. Now, shall we continue before the rain overtakes us?

Mercy: (sigh) But who could want a half fae with these stupid, big pointy ears?

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