Monday, March 19, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 18

(after the tiny portrait, everyone is milling around, chatting)

(but Taelyn only wants to chat with one person... and it's not Andara this time...)

Taelyn: Um... Miss Ophelia?

Ophelia: Oh, hi Taelyn!

Taelyn: Um.. can I talk to you a minute? In private?

Ophelia: Sure, let's have a seat over here.

Ophelia: What can I do for you, Taelyn?

Taelyn: Well, I was thinking about what you were saying. That Wendy's getting everyone together to decide who to get rid of, because she's sick of us.

Ophelia: Mmmm hmmm.

Taelyn: Well I don't WANT to be "gotten rid of"! I don't want to move! So, what do you think would make her NOT sick of a pixie so they didn't have to move?

Ophelia: Hmmm.... well....

Ophelia: Thinking about it, I think that the pixies who have been sent here specifically to live here with her are safe.

Taelyn: Yeah, um... I moved in 'cause Vee was here. I don't even think Wendy knew I was here at first.

Ophelia: Hmm.... yeah, well I think that the pixies that do jobs for her are going to be staying.

Taelyn: I don't do any jobs....

Ophelia: Oh! I know! Taelyn, you're safe because you have a house!

Taelyn: No I don't. I live on a bookshelf with Miranda and Vee and Mr. Thorne.

Ophelia: Oh... well then, it's been nice knowing you. I hope you find a lovely new home.

Taelyn: Oh NO!!! I don't WANT to move. So all I need is a house and I'll be safe! But where am I going to get a house?!

Taelyn: Unless.....


  1. What is Taelyn thinking with the kleenex? What do you think the brown tan Soom dolls are? Painted? Why does Soom talk about "specks"--look at the painted Uyoo description

  2. I can try to ask a question. That DOA site is huge and I always end up in the same place on it.

    I don't really understand that site very well. I think it is too large.

    I bet you could ask a question and get an answer faster. I don't want specks, but that sounds like something that happens if you mess with the doll.