Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blood of my Blood Pt 2 - Delusions and Dreams

Maddy: This is all my fault. I shouldn't have told her about the children right before we went to bed.

Nerayda: Maddy, please tell us again what Sey told you she saw last night?

Maddy: (sigh) She said she saw little Sesshy in a cage, and that she was alive but very sad and scared. That the cage was hanging, and that she was floating outside of it, talking to Sesshy . She was very insistent that it was real.

Kellan: But she WAS able to describe the child, in some detail, yes?

Maddy: Yes... but I had just described her to her before bed, as we were discussing their passing. I wanted to encourage her memory, to help her remember the little ones at the temple, not to give her delusional nighmares.

Nerayda: Unless there is some connection between Sey and the child, it does feel likely it IS just a delusion.

Soshkay: (sigh) Well, there is a...

Sey: "Delusional"?! Delusional am I?

Kellan: Sey, we were just discussing your nightmare. The child is dead and...

Sey: She is NOT dead. I SAW her and I know what I saw! I have had enough of this. I have had my fill of being talked ABOUT and not TO. I am neither a child nor an invalid and I am sick of being treated as such!

Kellan: Sey... please. You have had a nightmare about a child, based on things Maddy told you about her death. We know...

Sey: You know NOTHING! I have lost my MEMORY not my MIND! And what _I_ know is that there is a child, in a cage, in need of our help! And if you would accuse me of delusions and if you refuse to help me find her, well then I will just do it on my own! (leaves)

Maddy: Sey! Wait... oh wait, Sey! (running after Sey)

Kellan: (sigh) Well... that went rather the way I thought it might. I think it is safe to say that Sey has had a nightmare and there is no reason to think...

Soshkay: (quietly) Lady Nerayda, I need to speak to you alone... about a rather delicate matter, of great importance, concerning the Lady Sey and the child, Sesshy.

Nerayda: (quietly) Of course, Soshkay!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blood of my Blood Pt 1 - A Tiny Voice

Sesshy: Okay, Sesshy... remember. Colby taught you this. Come on. Focus... (deep breath) Blood of my blood... flesh of my flesh... come get me out of this...

Sesshy: Mesh? ... NO! That's not it at all! (sigh)

Sesshy: This is all Colby's fault! He knew I wasn't paying attention!

Sesshy: (taking deep breath) Okay... we try again. Colby said focus on the jewels... and think about my daddy... and focus...

Sesshy: (quietly chanting) Blood of my blood... skin of my skin... help me out of the trouble I'm in... Flesh of my flesh... bone of my bone... find a way to bring me home...

Sesshy: Nufin'. It's not working. What if... what if he can't hear me... he can't hear me 'cause he's DEAD? It's just... (sniffle) it's just me and my tail is all... (cries) Oh, Daddy!!!

Sesshy: (sobbing into tail)

Sesshy: (still sobbing) and... it's just... and no one even knows... and... (sniffle)

Sesshy: Eeep!!! Oh... OH, hi! What brings you here?

Sesshy: You're not really here, are you? Are you dreaming maybe? Do you know you're floating?

Sey: I got that impression... and I don't know why I'm here. I heard you call me, and then you were crying... and I followed the sound and here you are. Where are we? Why were you crying?

Sesshy: I was hoping YOU would know where we were... and... I think my Daddy might be dead.

Sey: Your father is General Soshkay?

Sesshy: Yes...

Sey: He is not dead, but he thinks YOU are. I'll tell him you're not, okay? And we'll come find you.

Sesshy: Thank you. Promise?! Could you maybe stay here with me for a while, okay?

Sey: I... I think I'm waking up...

Sesshy: NO!!! NO! Don't leave me!!!

Sey: I'll come back... I will....

Sesshy: NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sey: *gasping and sitting bolt upright in bed* The little girl... little Sesshy... she's alive! I saw her! I have to tell them! MADDY!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Emi's Illness


(meeting in the Treehouse living room)

Thorne: Wendy, thank you for coming.

Wendy: Of course!

Thorne: I don't know if you've met Zaniel. He's a healer brought in by the wizards to help with Lady Sey, and he's currently in charge of Emi's care.

Wendy: I'm glad to meet you, Healer Zaniel.

Zane: Please, just Zane. And it is an honor to finally meet the Lady of the Treehouse.

Thorne: Zane has an update concerning Emi's condition... though, I'm afraid it isn't good news.

Zane: I am sorry to report that Emi is suffering from an extremely advanced case of Whooping Crane.

Wendy: Er... you mean Whooping Cough right?

Zane: No, Whooping Cough is a human disease. The fae get Whooping Crane. It starts out as cold and flu like symptoms: aching joints, mild fever. It's easier to treat at that point. Emi, being the type of person I've come to understand that she is, had blown it off, and neglected herself until it's become quite advanced. She's... well, she's just begun to sprout feathers...

Devika: *GASP* Oh! Poor Emi!!!

Wendy: So, you're telling me my assistant it slowly turning into a bird?

Zane: A crane. Yes. Exactly. And it is a HIGHLY contagious disease. We need to determine where Emi could've caught it from, and quickly. Tell me, has she been around any unfamiliar fae children lately?

Wendy: Uh.. not that I'm aware of.

Thorne: Zane, I can answer that. The day the royal courier came, to bring the paperwork about the Treehouse being a Mythological Sanctuary, he had his children with him. I believe it was "Bring your Offspring to Work" day or something. Emi spent quite some time playing with them in the foyer.

Zane: That greatly unfortunate. That courier... there's no way to know how many homes he visited with those children that day. We have to let the royal family know at once.

Thorne: I'll call them.

Zane: We're going to need to immunize every single fae in this house...

Wendy: So, can I see Emi?

Zane and Thorne: NO!

Zane: Absolutely not.

Wendy: But why? You just said it's a fae disease. I can't get it.

Thorne: Wendy, you can't get it. But you CAN carry it, and potentially give it to all of the other Fae living here. Do you WANT a house full of cranes?

Wendy: Oh! Well, no...

Devika: You don't want to be another Typhoon Margie, Wendy!

Wendy: "Typhoon Margie"? Is that like Typhoid Mary?

Devika: I don't know, maybe. I don't know a lot about human history. But Typhoon Margie nearly wiped out three villages, just carrying Typhoon to each one without even knowing it!

Wendy: I'm afraid to ask what "Typhoon" is.

Devika: Oh, it's terrible. It starts out as a cold, and then eventually the infected fairy just vanishes in a gigantic sneeze of rain and thunder and wind!

Wendy: Of course...

Zane: I should go look in on Emi before I visit Sey.

Wendy: Please, send her my love.

Zane: Of course (smile). Farewell.

Thorne: I should go call the King and let him know his courier is passing around Whooping Crane.

Devika: You have the King's phone number?

Thorne: We play chess sometimes.

Devika: Oh.

Wendy: (sigh) Fae diseases are really weird, Vee.

Devika: Oh yeah? Maybe it's human diseases that are weird.

Wendy: How's that?

Devika: Our diseases make sense! Humans don't turn into chickens when they get the chicken pox. And no one ever turned into an Asian Bird from the Asian Bird Flu!

Wendy: Well, I guess you've got a point, Vee...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Strange Days at the Treehouse

Hello once again, Gentle Readers.

These are strange days here at the Treehouse, and we haven't been keeping you all informed as we like to. Emi gave me her account information so I was able to sign on under her name and bring you this quick update.

Ariel returned home from an extended "vacation" in Hawaii to discover that her house-sitter, Taelyn, had been running his dog grooming/training/boarding kennel business out of her house.

She was rather less than pleased.

On September 7th, the Fae Government of Colorado declared the Treehouse to be a Wildlife Preserve for all Fae, Pixie and Mythological Creatures. It seems this was mostly because of the presence of our two Centaurs, Eponine and Zephyr, who are of a breed just added to the Fae endangered list (we're not telling them their kind are endangered. They're certainly safe here, and that's really the important thing.) We are told that there will be no real effect on day to day life at the Treehouse, and that it's just paperwork. We shall have to wait and see.

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) the Treehouse Mythological Preserve will be well protected by the continued presence of Detective Azrael St. Cloud and Agent Jade Blackpool who have both been assigned here as protection. Neither will say protection from what exactly.

And then there's Emi. Bless her heart.

We believe now that she's probably been ill for some time, but being Emi, she refused to stop working or to complain about it until finally, it overtook her and she collapsed in the hall this morning. Wendy is absolutely beside herself. Zaniel, the most powerful healer known to the Treehouse, has stationed himself as Emi's personal physician and has not left her side.

She could not be in better hands, but it is indeed a scary time for those of us who love her.

And that brings you up on the major goings on in Treehouse life right now. As always, the days here are strange, Gentle Reader, but has anyone really come to expect anything else from us?

Be well,


Friday, September 07, 2007

One Year Dolly-versary


It's been one year. One full year. Unbelievable.

One year ago today, my first Asian Ball Jointed Dolls followed me home. My first dolls of ANY kind since I'd given up Barbies at 13 or so.

Miranda and Rabbit, though Rabbit was supposed to be a secret.

I had such plans for Rabbit, and I didn't know what I would do with Miranda, and in the end it was Miranda who stole the show and Rabbit chose a quiet life in the background.

One year.

Almost none of my original plans for the dolls have happened. And instead, things so much bigger and grander than I ever would've imagined. I never dreamed this blog would have the readership it does. I never imagined the dolly friends I would make.

The dolls changed everything.

There were those who said it wouldn't last. That the dolls wouldn't hold my interest for more than 6 months. And in the end, it was they who could not hold my interest.

One year with my dolly companions and their stories. One year of tiny clothes, and tiny dramas, and the world of pixies and fairies.

One year.

Thank you, all of you, who read this blog. It will continue and I will update it (Promise!). There are so many more stories here, and some will just live in my head, and some I will tell you.

It's been an amazing year. Thank you to all of my dolly sisters and brothers and friends for making it such a fantastic year, and sharing the weirdness that is life at the Treehouse with me.

One year. So many stories... Well, we'll just have to see where we are next year, hu? :)

- Wendy