Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blood of my Blood Pt 2 - Delusions and Dreams

Maddy: This is all my fault. I shouldn't have told her about the children right before we went to bed.

Nerayda: Maddy, please tell us again what Sey told you she saw last night?

Maddy: (sigh) She said she saw little Sesshy in a cage, and that she was alive but very sad and scared. That the cage was hanging, and that she was floating outside of it, talking to Sesshy . She was very insistent that it was real.

Kellan: But she WAS able to describe the child, in some detail, yes?

Maddy: Yes... but I had just described her to her before bed, as we were discussing their passing. I wanted to encourage her memory, to help her remember the little ones at the temple, not to give her delusional nighmares.

Nerayda: Unless there is some connection between Sey and the child, it does feel likely it IS just a delusion.

Soshkay: (sigh) Well, there is a...

Sey: "Delusional"?! Delusional am I?

Kellan: Sey, we were just discussing your nightmare. The child is dead and...

Sey: She is NOT dead. I SAW her and I know what I saw! I have had enough of this. I have had my fill of being talked ABOUT and not TO. I am neither a child nor an invalid and I am sick of being treated as such!

Kellan: Sey... please. You have had a nightmare about a child, based on things Maddy told you about her death. We know...

Sey: You know NOTHING! I have lost my MEMORY not my MIND! And what _I_ know is that there is a child, in a cage, in need of our help! And if you would accuse me of delusions and if you refuse to help me find her, well then I will just do it on my own! (leaves)

Maddy: Sey! Wait... oh wait, Sey! (running after Sey)

Kellan: (sigh) Well... that went rather the way I thought it might. I think it is safe to say that Sey has had a nightmare and there is no reason to think...

Soshkay: (quietly) Lady Nerayda, I need to speak to you alone... about a rather delicate matter, of great importance, concerning the Lady Sey and the child, Sesshy.

Nerayda: (quietly) Of course, Soshkay!