Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pixie Finders Failure - Update

An update - such as it is. I still haven't found any pixies, and the weather is changing.

While I know that she means well, and it IS cold and wet and windy out, Miss Simona's determination that Calla and I may not go out and look for pixies anymore is very frustrating.

Ah, Calla. I should tell you about Calla.

For my birthday, I got many surprises. Not the least of which was my new playmate and friend, Calla.

I am a frequent reader of Miss Elisa's blog, and when I realized that Calla might be in need of a home... it seemed the only sensible thing to do was to invite her to live here. With me.

She is a very different from the companions I'm used to. She's smarter than Louisa (though your average #2 pencil is smarter than Louisa), sweeter and kinder than Shawnee ever was, and she isn't scared of her own shadow like Maggie was. She is capable of being independent and self entertaining when I am doing something on my own, but she looks to me to make the decisions when we are together.

Thus, she is the perfect companion.

Also for my birthday, I received a dog.

I named him Higgins, and he is a very sweet doggie.

Though, I dare say he may be more Calla's dog than mine. He seems very attached to her, and that's just fine by me. I already have a dog.

My beloved doggie, Spot. Who I am sure is just trying to find his way here, back home to me. If only I could go outside and look, or leave him a trail or something.

Very frustrating. Anyway, in other happenings...

Louisa seems to be settling in just as well as we are. After Miss Simona reported she was squinting at the chalkboard during classes, Miss Wendy got her glasses. They have indeed made her less myopic, if not less gullible. She also gave her a new doll, who she has named "Suri" and will not be without.

Fortunately for her, Calla and I are only interested in our jointed animal dolls. Louisa has no interest in them at all, so when it's raining we stay inside our new room, and Calla and I play with our dolls, and she with her Suri, and that seems to work just fine.

OH! The room! That was the OTHER birthday surprise.

Miss Wendy's father has built us our very own room. It is very cozy and comfortable. And (I am assured) "more than enough room for three girls", even though I should've liked it just for Calla and myself. Ah well.

So, that is my rather sorry update for now. No pixies. No prospect of finding pixies. Mister Gage says that he's sure that they'll find us and we need only stay still, like they tell you to do when YOU get lost. But WE aren't the ones that are lost! The pixies are! How will they find their way home to us in this new place if we're not out looking? And leaving them trails?

I am not ready to give up, and I will not.

Though it is possible that it IS too cold to bring Calla with me anymore. It isn't her mission, she doesn't know them. No, it is my mission, and it may be that it is something I must do alone, and in secret until I can surprise everyone by bringing the pixies home!