Monday, November 29, 2010

Devika on Ice!

Lacrymosa's Winter Wonderland is up and running and very popular with the pixies already. They can wander through the snow, visit Santa and skate on the ice rink.

So, tonight, Devika made her first ever attempt at ice skating.

I think she had a great time. :)

- Wendy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vanishing Flowers - by Devika

Hi everyone!

So last time I told you a little bit about my vanishing flower problem. Every time I put cut flowers anywhere in my house, they were vanishing.

Well, it's still happening.

The girls all say they don't know anything about it.

Even the flowers I put in their room, which I thought were so beautiful.

Somehow vanished during the day.

And at night, when I asked about it.

No one knew anything. Even though the missing flowers had been right there, in their room!

I have a feeling there's something going on that I don't know about. It probably IS an invisible pet goat. But where on Earth would they KEEP it? Hmmm.

I'll let you know if I figure it out.

- Devika

Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Early Thanksgiving - by Devika

Hello, Everyone!

I'm just having a bit of chamomile tea before bed. It's been an exciting weekend and I'm a little worn out. I got to go to an early Thanksgiving party! Yesterday, Wendy, Lenore and our newest resident, a boy named "Wolf", were all invited to an early Thanksgiving dinner at Reddiker Woodes. Ahma asked if I would go along, so there would be a responsible adult along, to watch over the kids. And of COURSE I said yes!

I've never been to Reddiker Woodes before, but Lenore goes at least once a month for "Movie Night" and says it's very fun. We arrived just a bit early, but I don't think unfashionably so.

I don't know much about Wolf. He's about Lenore's age, and I think he's seems like a very nice boy. Lenore said he hasn't been around the house for very long. But, to me, it seems they already fight and harass each other like siblings. It's very sweet.

The hostess of Reddiker Woodes had set up a place just for we dolls to hang out and socialize! Isn't that wonderful?

There were lots of other dolls around. Lots of new friends to talk to!

It was all so exciting, I admit that I found myself a bit distracted.

Maybe more than a little bit.

Because when I turned around to ask Lenore something I found that she was GONE!

Serenity, one of the residents of Reddiker Woodes, told me she thought they were probably headed upstairs. Which she said is bad. Because there are some rather dangerous dolls who live upstairs.

I asked her the quickest way after them, which she said was a handy thing called a "fairy door." That seemed very useful.

It was also incredibly jarring. What a strange way to travel. I do not think we need to install any of these at home.

By the time I got up there, he kids had met a green demon lady, who they said was very nice.

But they had also met a vampire, who was trying to offer Wolf an apple. Lenore was trying to stop him, saying she'd read somewhere that you shouldn't eat the food supernatural creatures offer you. EVER.

The vampire lady was trying to calm Lenore when I arrived. I told the kids to skeddadle so I could talk to the nice lady.

I explained to her, as politely as I could, that it was my fault the children had bothered her because I wasn't a very good baby sitter and that she really shouldn't eat them. She just laughed and said it was all a misunderstanding. Whatever it was, she did let the kids go, so that's good.

I'm not the type to raise my voice, but I let the kids know that they had almost gotten themselves eaten, and that I was very upset. They were very sorry, and on their very best behavior for the rest of the night (though I heard them quietly arguing over whose fault the whole thing was.)

I'm just glad they didn't get eaten by anything. They're both just so curious and fearless... well, it turned out okay and that's really the important thing.

Anyway, I'll try to have another update about things going on for you soon. First things first, I need to figure out what's going on with the cut flowers in my house. Really! They keep vanishing. It's weird.

Do you see that vase over there? The blue one? The EMPTY one?

It had flowers in it this morning, when I left to visit Miranda. And now they're gone!

And this has been going on for a while now. I just kept thinking that it was all in my head, but now I'm starting to wonder what's up. Maybe someone has adopted an invisible pet goat? If it could happen anywhere, it would be here. *laugh*

*yawn* Well, that's the last of my tea. It was yummy.

I'll do my dishes tomorrow morning. *yawn* Chamomile always makes me sleepy and it gives me nice dreams.

I hope you have nice dreams too! And I promise to tell you right away if it does turn out to be an invisible goat. Night night!

- Devika

Sunday, October 24, 2010

And Then an Owl Ate My Head - by Lenore

Tonight I went to Mr. Will's birthday party.

I met some very nice stuffies. Like Mr. Monte and Mr. Roger.

While I was having my picture taken with them, an owl named Onwyn came up behind me.

And ate my head.

Apparently it's how they say "hello" wherever he's from. He didn't mean any harm. But it was still kind of disgusting. His breath smelled like birthday cake and mice. Yuck.

I guess I yelled or something, because after a little bit, Mr. Cuthbert, who is the head of security came over to talk to me.

He asked if I could describe my "assailant." And since Onwyn was sitting right there, I just pointed.

Mr. Cuthbert sprang right into action.

He said that now I was safe, and he was happy to serve and protect. And then he left. It took me a good 15 minutes to get that party hat off of poor Onwyn's beak.

So I have photographic evidence that an owl DID, in fact, eat my head. You thought I was just telling a made up story, didn't you? It's okay. It does sound pretty crazy when you think about it.

Next time you're around an owl, just keep in mind that some owls think that eating your head is a way to say "hi." I wish I had known that. Thank you for reading about my owl adventure.

- Lenore

Monday, September 06, 2010

Gus and Salome - Another Update by Devika

Hello, Blog Friends!

So Miranda moved. I told you about that already.

OH! But, speaking of moving, I have to tell you about Gus and Salome!

So, They met about a year and half ago, at Clara's Coffee Shoppe, where Gus works. And they fell in love right at first sight. They started dating, and became completely inseparable.

Last Christmas Eve, Gus took Salome to the "Winter Wonderland" set up next to Clara's.

Salome thought that they were there just for a romantic walk among the Christmas trees.

But Gus really took her there to propose! It was so romantic!

And, of course, Salome said yes.

Ever since then, they've been planning their wedding for "someday." They want to have a house to move into after they're married.

Gus works very hard at the coffee shop. And Salome still works nights for the Gnome Corps, though she got promoted from mushroom placement to lichenscaping.

And she gives piano lessons at pixies' homes during the day to try to make some extra cash.

They've both been saving up all their money to buy a house so they can get married, but it's never quite enough, so they just patiently wait for a "someday" that might never come.

Which is why we pixies got involved.

When Miranda moved out of her cabin, she put it up for sale. I talked her into giving us a really good price for it....

... and we started moving in furniture. When we were finished, we skeedaddled, and invited them to a housewarming party. We gave them directions so they could find the house.

Gus and Salome were so surprised! But I think they were really, really happy.

Miranda's old piano is still in the house, so Salome can give lessons from home now.

Gus got his own study, with a desk and everything. A little bird told me that he wanted to write a novel, so maybe now he will.

I hope it'll be a very cozy place for them.

Oh, it's nothing fancy, but I think with some love it could be a great home for them.

And a terrific place to start a family.

Being kind of old fashioned, they don't want to live together until they're married. I think it's sweet.

But she wanted to start getting the house ready, so she's moved into the house and has been making it more "homey" for them.

Their wedding is now set for December, at the Winter Wonderland where Gus first proposed! Isn't that just the most romantic thing EVER?

Oh, there's still so much to tell you about, but for now I really must get some sleep. *yawn* Night night, blog friends. I will talk to you again soon!
- Devika