Monday, July 22, 2013

Emi Returns

Wendy here.


She must be an official assistant, she has a desk!

About a million years ago, when I still lived in the Treehouse and started playing with dolls, I had a doll who was my assistant. Her name was Emi.

Even not feeling well, she's so pretty.

I thought she was lost to me. Her vinyl went all sticky and she became a dust magnet. I thought about re-shelling her, but it never felt right. So I kept her in a box and mourned my beautiful, purple haired assistant.

And now, she's back.

Emi's back!

I took a chance and cleaned her vinyl with this special, heavy duty vinyl cleaning stuff that I got online and it took away the sticky! She's AWESOME! She's BACK!!! YAAY!!!!!

Emi says "When did we get a turtle?" She's got some catching up to do.
Welcome back, Emi. I missed you more than I can tell you.

- Wendy

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday, Nerdy Sunday

It is a very lazy Sunday here in the Wylde Kingdom.

For me and Meowzart, anyway.

We got these cool old science magazines in at C&M.

 We deal in used books and stuff, so we never know what we're going to get in. Kinda cool.

Some of the stories are really fascinating.

Even if some of the technology is a little dated.

It's still pretty interesting stuff. I like reading about what they thought the future would be way back then and stuff.

Anyway, that's my lazy, nerdy, Sunday: Laying in bed with a bunch of science magazines.

Hope your Sunday was awesome too.

- Miri

Monday, July 15, 2013

Visting Tabby's Toy Shop

Miranda: So, I was totally right. Tabby liked the idea of having her own shop, and especially a toy shop.

Miranda: Her's isn't the only new business though. This is new. "The Red Front: General Merchandise".

Miranda: I don't know who E.B. Gearhart is, but I hope he opens his store soon. We've been needing a general store in the Kingdom for a long time.

Miranda: Sebastian and Eris don't seem to be at the shop tonight. Maybe they're done setting up and taking an evening off? They've been working awfully hard.

Miranda: And this little plant shop, I know who's going to run it, but she asked me not to say anything about anything until she's ready to open.

Miranda: Something about secret partners and super special exotic plants or something. I dunno. I couldn't tell you even if I did know, I guess. But it'll be awesome when she's ready. That I CAN tell you.

Miranda: And there's Tabby's place! It really is a pretty cute little shop.

Miranda: She's still getting all set up, and I don't know if she was just going to open or have some kind of grand opening or what. But she said I could come by and see tonight if I wanted.

Miranda: And there she is! The proprietress her self! Hey, Tabby!

Tabby: Oh! Hi!

Miranda: This place is AMAZING! Just look at everything! WOW!

Tabby: Well, it's not all set up yet, but...

Miranda: Got a name picked out yet?

Tabby: Well... I...

Tabby: No... I got some really good suggestions from Wendy's friends on the internet, though. I'm thinking really hard about it. I just want it to be a good name.

Miranda:That's a pretty good start. You'll figure it out.

Miranda: Bunny! Stuffed bunny! I'll be your first customer! I'll take him!

Tabby: *laughing* I don't have a cash register yet, but take him and pay me later. Okay?

Miranda: Okay! And so I'm Tabby's first customer... kinda.

Tabby: Thank you for coming by and visiting, Miri. And you too blog reader people! Thank you!

COMING SOON! Tabby's store.... um.... whatever she decides to call it. :)

- Miri

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A New Pixie Business Owner

Miranda: Howdy. Just hangin' out. Waiting for someone. Nice to see you too, though.

Miranda: So things are getting back to normal in the Kingdom. A lot of the pixies have come back already, and more seem to come out of hiding every day.

Miranda: Sebastian and Eris are back, and have taken over the potion shop again.

Miranda: I have no idea what exactly they're doing in there, but they'll open up for business when they're ready, right? Right.

Miranda: Oh, and then there's this little business too.

Miranda: I think it's going to be a florist shop of some kind. I know just the right pixie to run it, but I figure I'll tell her she's a new business owner after it's finished being built.

Miranda: But neither of these two businesses are why I'm hanging around here. There's ANOTHER business ready to open, and I know just the pixie to run it and I think she'll really like the idea.

Miranda: And here she is!

Miranda: You guys know Tabby, right?

Tabby: Hello.

Miranda: So this is it. What I was telling you about on the phone. Your very own business! And you're perfect to run it!

Tabby: Um... what kind of business?

Miranda: Toy shop. Toy shop and a doll and teddy bear hospital upstairs. You're perfect! No one knows more about teddy bears than you do. You even speak Bearglish!

Tabby: Hmm... my own toy store. And a bear hospital!

Miranda: Yeah, she likes the idea. I thought she would.  See ya later!

- Miri

Friday, July 12, 2013

Like We Won The Lottery (Miniature Lottery, That Is)

Hey Everyone! Things here have been busy, busy, BUSY!!!

We scored this huge bunch of miniatures and there's a TON of sorting to do!!! But I've got lots of help.

Harley is around, helping sort things and just carrying stuff out of the cases. She says fancy stuff like this makes her nervous, and she feels like she's working in a museum.

Mags has been helping catalog everything and figure out what stuff is by looking it up on the internet. She's found lots of good information. Her Google-fu is strong.

Eve has been helping carry stuff to and fro. She's pretty fast, though she keeps stopping to "ooh" and "ahh" over just about every piece. 

We've still got a lot of work ahead of us, though I took all the glass animals home already, so that's one less thing to sort. I'll show those to you soon! For now, back to sorting!

Happy Friday!!! 

- Miri

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Home Home - Or All About Eve

So the other night, when I had that awful nightmare, I never, EVER would've guessed I'd be blogging to you from here today.

I'm home! Like HOME home. In my house!

Can you believe it? Here's how it all happened.


 Harley and I scouted out C&M hoping for some coffee.

The place was deserted but strangely tidy.

Harley thought she could get the espresso machine going, and I wandered upstairs to see if anything was up with the books.

It was also strangely organized and picked up.

It even appeared that someone had been re-stocking! So the clothespins don't like potion shops, but they do like books and coffee?  Weird.

 We had just settled in to enjoy Harley's delicious espresso making goodness, when in she walked. 

 Head clothespin herself: Eve Woodley.

 She startled us. I admit it. Harley busted out some kind of Pigjitsu ninja martial arts stance.

I didn't even know she KNEW Pigjitsu.

Thankfully, her martial arts skills were unnecessary. Eve apologized for startling us, and told us she had been hoping the pixies would come back someday. And here we were! I nearly fell over from shock. 

Turns out, just like I've been reading the Woodlee blog, Eve had been reading MY blog. She was really curious about the dolls who had lived here before, and she was so glad to see us! And she's a big fan of my blog! She got all gushy about meeting "THE Miranda". Huh.

She's super nice. Who knew? (Well, I guess all the people on Facebook telling me that the Woodlees were nice knew. But it was a surprise to me. Okay?) Anyway, she's coming over for dinner tomorrow night!

Uh... I guess maybe I should see about getting some living room furniture. And maybe some groceries.

- Miri