Friday, July 05, 2013

Night of the Living Woodlees


Miranda: What? Huh... who?

Miranda: OH NO! The lights! We left on all the lights! They'll know we're here!!!

Miranda: Harley! Harley get up! We have to find the light switch!!

Miranda: AHH! NO!! Harley!!!!

Headless Woodlee: Raaaaahhhhhhhh....

Miranda: I have to get out of here. But... they're outside!!!! They're everywhere!!!

Miranda: NO! Get out of my way! Leave me alone!!!

Headless Woodees: RAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Miranda: AAAAH!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Miranda: AAAAHHH!!!!

Harley: Woah!

Harley: Miri! MIRI! It's okay! You had a nightmare. It's okay.

Miranda: I... but... *sigh*

Miranda: It just seemed so real...

Harley: Aww, it's okay. Nightmares can seem that way, and they're scary. But you're safe and...

Miranda: TURN THAT LIGHT OFF!!!! Do you WANT them to see us?

Harley: *snort* Well okay then. Goodnight, Miranda.

Miranda: Maybe it was just a nightmare. But better safe than sorry. *shudder*


  1. Oh goodness, Miri! This was too funny, but also really scary! I hope you recovered from your nightmare, and also are aware that it's highly unlikely the Woodlees would ever harm you :D If they did realize you were staying in the potions shop, I'm pretty sure they'd come over with a tray of cookies and iced tea to welcome you.

  2. Oh poor Miranda! Horrible nightmares! Obviously you are under stress at the moment,
    I am pretty sure that the Woodlees would not hurt you, as they seem to be friendly, gentle folk.
    Hey I know, what is wood afraid of? Fire! You need a blazing torch or bonfire to scare them away. OH MY, what am I saying or thinking? I don't usually have a devious mind! So sorry, just scratch what I said!
    Big hugs,

  3. OMGosh! Miri, I know this was a terrible nightmare for you, but I had to laugh at most of it! :o) You tell a great story, my dear!

  4. Hmmm... that was a really cool dream there, Miri, but I guess it was scary to you. Now a bunch of yarn heads would tilt my scales. Acck!! YARN HEADS!!!!! breathe, breathe, not going there. OK, I get it, it was scary. What was I thinking? At least it was only a dream. Yarn heads!?? They'd be stealing my hairziz.