Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wandering Away...

After nearly 7 years of playing with BJDs on this blog, I'm done.

I am leaving the BJD hobby.

There will always be dolls in my life, but they will no longer be these ones. Thank you all for reading this goofy little blog and your kind words and encouragement through the years. They meant a lot. :)

I'll be listing a bunch of BJD stuff on Ebay. The first listings (SD and MSD outfits so far) are all up here -

There will be more to come. Guaranteed.

Instead of BJDs, I've gone a very, very different direction. I'm now fascinated by these little wood and wire, bendy dolls. You can find their adventures here -

I haven't done much with them yet, but as the BJD stuff leaves, there's more room in my life for these new little dolls, and more will happen.

You can follow them on Facebook if you like -

And I'll still be building dollhouses, and if you find that interesting, you can follow my building exploits on Facebook here -

No matter what kinds of toys you play with, I hope you have fun. Life is too short not to play.

Thank you again. See you in Woodlee Junction. :)

- Wendy