Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter for Tempest and Lenore

Easter morning, the girls woke up to Easter baskets put together for them by Tempest's aunt, Cybelle.

Tempest seemed quite pleased with hers.

Lenore seemed pretty happy with hers too.

Quick Easter morning portrait with Aunt Cybelle.

While portrating, Tornado (one of Cybelle's cats) seemed to take an interest in Lenore's basket... or maybe it was just the chenille chick in it.

It was too cold for Easter egg hunting outside, so Cybelle hid eggs inside for the girls to find.

Lenore found all the eggs on the bookshelf.

Tempest found the eggs on and under the furniture.

In the end, it turned out Tempest is a better Easter egg hunter than Lenore. But it wasn't a problem.

Tempest said Lenore could have all the eggs she wanted out of her basket, and that she was happy to share.

They really seem to be fast friends now, which makes me very happy. I was hoping they'd be good friends for each other, and it seems that they are. All in all, a peaceful and happy Easter!

Even if I'm not convinced that chenille chick is going to make it through the day.

- Wendy

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tempest Meets Lenore

Lenore and Tempest didn't get a chance to meet the first day Tempest joined the household. So I took them both to work with me, so they could hang out there.

The car ride was quiet at first. They just didn't seem quite sure of what to make of each other. We rode in silence until a song they both liked came on the iPod. Finding that they were both quietly singing along seemed to break the ice a little bit.

Once we got to the store, Lenore showed Tempest where she normally hangs out.

It's just a little corner with an inbox that Lenore seems to find comfy. Where Lenore is self entertaining, I think Tempest was a little bored.

I was too busy working to help them find things to do, but it worked out. They ended up talking a lot, mostly about Lenore's laptop and things she did for fun online.

Tempest hasn't asked for one, but I can tell she covets Lenore's laptop greatly. Don't tell her, but there's one on order for her. I'm sure Lenore won't mind helping her set it up, since that'll mean she can type without anyone looking over her shoulder.

I'm glad they're getting along. Easter is coming soon and I think that might be a good opportunity for an event for the two of them. I'm woefully unprepared (I didn't think Tempest would arrive for another month!) but if I can come up with some plastic eggs and a couple chocolate bunnies, the girls might just have a fun Easter together. I'll let you know how it goes!

- Wendy

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tempest in the Woods

New dolls don't join the Wylde Bunch very often. I'm very settled with my little family just as it is, and have been spending more time moving dolls out than in.

It would take a pretty special dolly to make me want to bring someone new home.

Someone special, like Tempest.

Tempest is Cybelle's niece.

She's about the same age as Lenore, and I'm told that Tempest is as badly in need of a playmate as Lenore is.

I expected a soft spoken, gentle, old fashioned little girl in Tempest. I don't know where I got that impression.

I could not have been more mistaken.

Tempest is an outspoken, focused and honest little girl. She speaks her mind and doesn't care what other people think.

She's also a bit of a tomboy.

Lenore is also a bit of a tomboy, outspoken and headstrong. They've not spent any time together yet. Tempest was pretty wiped out from her long trip here (and probably all the tree climbing).

So she went to bed a little bit early. Tomorrow they'll meet and hang out together at the doll store while I work.

I really, really hope they get along.

- Wendy