Monday, October 22, 2012

Miranda and the Green Elephant - Pt 1

We find Miranda on a rather uneventful Sunday morning, at C&M Books and Coffee. 

*okay, enough web surfing*

*there has to be SOMETHING I need to get done today*

*but what?*

*I hung up Lelu's signs for her candy shop grand opening. That's going to be a blast.*

*I tried all of our Halloween treats, and I think if I eat any more I will be sick.*

*Put out all of the "horror" books we've got... so what's left?*

*Hmm... well, I could go see if the Green Elephant is open*

*Sebastian and Eris aren't around. They take Sundays off.*

*Apparently so does whoever runs the Green Elephant. Though they seem to take EVERY day off.*

 *The glass bird.... I want it. A lot*

*Well, maybe they're just a "walk on in" kind of place?... Locked, I guess not.*

*Well... shoot."

*But there HAS to be a way in. I could just leave some money on the counter and a note and take the bird if I could just get IN...Hmm....*

(To be continued on Wednesday, October 24th)


  1. Uh oh!!! :-D xo Jennifer

  2. i have a feeling this may be my fault, heheh not good.

  3. Well pooh! I was hoping the Green elephant was open! :o)

  4. Don't do it, if anything leave note your intersted in bird, with phone number to reach you when open., Not worth a B&E on your list.

  5. That's an Honesty Box. We have them here. No one is in the shop, you pick up what you want and put in the box what you think it's worth. Maybe they have one inside somewhere. Hope you get that sweet birdie. I like the 'Bar' sign and the tractor thing outside. Shall I fly over on Aya my dragon to see if we can help? I'll bring my wand, though it doesn't always produce the results I expect. It's not working like it used to. Maybe there's a secret door, like Harry Potter?

  6. Just don't get caught, Miri! Oh, and could someone give me a link to The post of Ariel's disappearance?