Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Miranda Ixie - Spider Wrangler

Tuesday morning found me having coffee with Aspen at C&M. We'd decorated the Manor on Saturday, and left the spiders to cover everything in webs. They'd had two, uninterrupted days of web making while Norm's Dollhouse was closed, and today we were going back to see what they'd made of the place. I couldn't wait.

While walking to C&M, noticed The Green Elephant... STILL not open. But I keep seeing lights on in the back room first thing in the morning and at night. Someone is THERE, I just never see them. But at least they're there. I'll spot them at some point and get them to let me in!

Anyway, we headed off to Norm's. And that's when things got weird.

We knew something was wrong the second we saw the Manor.

No webs. But even worse. No spiders.

We looked everywhere.

No sign of them.

No good day EVER started with the words "Where are the giant spiders? Do you see them anywhere?"

We kept looking for them, but Aspen was afraid we'd startle them and they'd eat us.

They were nowhere to be found anywhere near the Manor. But while searching there, we spotted where they'd gone.

They'd made a little nest for themselves off under the wallpaper paste. And yes... there were two little doll shaped forms in their web.



I called Ophelia, our resident Spider Wrangler and the one we borrowed the spiders from. She said she was pretty tied up with something, but she could probably come round them up for us on Friday or so.

I figured we were going to have to handle it ourselves.

And we did.

Between the two of us, Aspen and I got the spiders back on track and back on the Manor for decorating.

The legal settlement I came to with the couple the spiders nabbed does not allow me to show you their pictures, or state their names. I'm just glad they're okay and that we were able to come to an agreement.

So, that was a pretty rough morning. Aspen is still a little freaked out by spiders, and I don't blame her. I don't think that couple is so fond of them either.

Later, my buddies Periwinkle and her friend (whose name I didn't catch) came by with THEIR spiders. They're really awesome spider wranglers, and it was way awesome to see them. But where were they when I NEEDED a spider wrangler?!?!?

Well, I guess now I'm a spider wrangler too.


- Miri


  1. Miranda to the rescue!

  2. Great job, you spider wrangler! Better you than me! :-D xo Jennifer

  3. Wow, Miri, what a day! You are a pixie with many talents! I'm glad Aspen was able to help you wrangle the spiders. I'm afraid I would have just screamed and ran! LOL!

  4. Thoze be some naughty spideez, but you showed 'em, Miri. I have a houseful of spideez, but they are small. The Guardian Isn't keen on them.

  5. Oh my, Miri! I don't think I would be that brave against giant spiders! I'm super impressed.

  6. Oh gosh, what a scary story! So glad you and Aspen didn't get eaten, and so glad the doll couple is okay. I thought they were goners for sure!