Thursday, July 22, 2010

Miranda's New House - By Devika

(Today's blog update is brought to you by Devika, who refuses to get email, so uses Emi's account. - ed)

Dear Blog People,

There are so many exciting things going on here right now, and I want to tell you about ALL of them! I need to tell you all about Lenore, and Gus and Salome, and Clara and EVERYTHING! But right now, I have something REALLY exciting to tell you about!

Miranda got a new house!

I just went over to see it today! It used to be Hitty's house, but Hitty wanted to move to a book shelf, kind of like the original Hitty, so she put it up for sale.

Miranda jumped at the opportunity, and now it's hers!

It's really spacious and beautiful.

Miranda said she finally has room for a baby grand (which she's wanted for EVER) and to put out all of her sheet music so she can actually find it!

The upstairs is where she made her bedroom and it is GORGEOUS.

Her bed is gigantic, and very comfy. She said her dog and cat are settling in nicely, and that it's great to finally have a bed they all fit on.

She played the piano for me for a while. And it sounded so different from the little upright at her old house. But it wasn't just that, her playing was different too. I can't explain it, it was just different. Absolutely beautiful, too!

After she blew me away with her amazing new piano, we got down to the REAL reason she wanted me over: Christmas music.

It's nearly August and she said that now that she's got a big enough practice space she thinks we should start practicing Christmas music so we can do a concert this December. It's been so long since we all played together, she's not completely out of line starting in August. We could use the extra time. We're probably all pretty rusty.

I do hope Mr. Thorne will come join us on his harp again.

So I came home with a brand new book of Christmas music to learn on my violin and am now doing my first blog entry EVER. I hope you liked it.

I'm still all warm and fuzzy inside from seeing Miranda.

You know, as I stop to think about it, I think I know what was different when she played. Why visiting her was different this time. I think she's HAPPY. Maybe for the first time in years, I think she's really, really happy.

And that makes me really, really happy too.