Friday, May 30, 2014

Forevermore, Lenore!!!

I packed away all of the dolls for a while. I honestly, seriously thought I was done with them.

But I was wrong.

Lenore started this whole thing, almost 8 years ago.

She's the one at the end of it too. (First, and Last, and Always... indeed.)

You can see her new blog here -

Forevermore, Lenore...

And she's even got a Facebook page (because, of course she does).

Lenore on Facebook.

I will leave the Miranda Wandering blog up forever and ever. I like looking back at the pictures, and some of the memories are really wonderful. I'm so grateful to have this crazy catalog of just how weird my life was for a few years there.

The Treehouse is no more. The Wylde Kingdom is no more.

Forevermore? Lenore!!! :)

- Wendy