Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One Object 365 Days Project 2014: Days 18 - 23

Six more Snuffy pictures, coming your way!

018 - Snuffy Checks Out the Old House. One of the things we do at Norm's Dollhouse is fix up old houses. This one is very special. It belongs to a nice lady named Michelle. It was made for her 40 years ago, and now she wants to fix it up for HER little girl. This, we can help with. Snuffy wonders what memories this room holds, what secrets and smiles are remembered by the wallpaper? And what new adventures and stories will become in this room once the new wallpaper is up.

It's a neat house. I think Snuffy will be back for more photos here.

019 - Snuffy Pickup Lines. " Hey baby. What's up? You look a little blue."

020 - Snuffy in the Book Group.

You know what's weird? Reading the Hitty book with a couple of Hitty dolls. You know what makes it even weirder? When your toy elephant wants to join too.

021 - The Snuffy Stands Alone

Snuffy is a pretty independent elephant. There are other toys his size around here, but he mostly keeps to himself. I think it's because he was the lone elephant in a Noah's Ark playset. Everyone else was in pairs, Snuffy had to learn to be on his own.

It's made him the tough but gentle loner that he is today. Rock on, Snuffy.

022 - Snuffy's Very Scary Friend

She's actually not all that scary, really. She's very sweet. For being a skeleton. I guess. Anyway, her name is Skelita Calveras, and our friend Jeanie helped her find her way here.

Seems like a nice kid. Too big to stay with me in the Equinox house. We'll find somewhere for her, though. And a sandwich. Someone find that girl a sandwich!

023 - Snuffy Reads Comics.

I think Snuffy has found his favorite comic book. It's Circus Comics, of course.

I am so far behind on this 365 thing, I seriously thought about giving up. It was my roommate who pointed out that while the project would be 365 pictures, it could take me longer than a year if it needed to. She talked me out of giving up. So here I am taking the photo for day 23 on the 28th day of the year. *shrug*

Snuffy's just too cute to stop taking pictures of. You just never know what he'll get up to next!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photo Challenge #3 - Candy

This was a super easy, super delicious photo challenge this week. But I was almost late getting it taken anyway. D'oh!

Photo number 3 - CANDY

Sometimes, being a pixie in the human world isn't all that great. You're constantly in danger of being stepped on and most everything is just plain too big!

And sometimes being a pixie in the human world is AWESOME. Like when you discover you can get ice cream sundaes with candy sprinkles that are bigger than your head. Mmmm.... sprinkles.

- Miri

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Work and Play at Norm's Dollhouse

Things at Norm's have been pretty busy lately, which is awesome. Lots of houses in the back for work. We're still working on Marilyn's awesome house, which is gorgeous.

This little house we're donating to a charity. It's almost ready to go!

This house is a remodel job. The owner is a neat lady who did all the wallpaper and everything when she was 8, and she did and AMAZING job.

But it was all kind of aging and needed some freshening up, so she brought it to us to put in new wallpaper and floors and stuff.

Neat house. Cool attic. I just like attics, I think.

Still working on a Queen Anne for Cathy. This is a pretty house, and she's got awesome ideas about how she wants it finished.

Check out that chandelier!

Cathy has awesome taste, and is going to have one AWESOME house!

This little house just came in today, and I couldn't resist the urge to take a picture of Snuffy in the fallen wallpaper.

This house is about 40 years old, and we're doing a refurbish for the original owner so she can play with it with her daughter. That's pretty cool. I love helping on refurbishing. I always just wonder what stories this old wallpaper knows, what dolls it saw live in this room, what adventures they had.

I guess old wallpaper just makes me a bit wistful or something.

Anyway, all of that isn't the ONLY excitement going on at Norm's. Oh no... there's plenty of work, but there's PLAY too!

We got this thing. A wonderful, awesome flying thing.

It's called a Nano Quadcopter. We got it from Hobby Town in Centennial, so if you're in Colorado, go get one from them. They're awesome. You can order one online too, but instant gratification is so much more instantly gratifying.

Even Snuffy got into the act. I think I need to make him a parachute before he does too much flying, since we all stink at flying the thing.

Well, except David. Who's a pretty good quadcopter pilot.

Except for getting it stuck on the ceiling a couple of times.

He got up on a stepladder and got it down. Though MY suggestion was getting a SECOND quadcopter to rescue the first one. I got outvoted.

I guess two would just be twice as much time spent waiting for them to charge, though.

Anyway, it was a great day at Norm's today. Lots and lots of houses to work on, but we love it. I'll let you know how it all goes! Must be construction season! Lucky I look so good in my construction hat.

- Miri

Friday, January 17, 2014

One Object 365 Days Project 2014: Days 12 - 17

More pictures from my "One Object 365 Days" project. So far, so good! I'm going to keep posting them here 6 pictures at a time, so no one gets Snuffied out.

012 - Snuffy is a Hustler! I'm pretty sure I just got hustled by my toy elephant. No, you can NOT push them into the holes with your trunk, Snuffy!

013 - Little Snuffy on the Prairie. I think Snuffy would like a house, but this isn't going to be it. Olga and Hemet, the actual owners of this beautiful log cabin (made by me) look not too thrilled about having an elephant in their yard. Relax, Snuffy, I'm working on it.

014 - Dance By the Light of the Full Snuffy!

This didn't really come out how I wanted it to. But it's too cold to keep going outside and trying. And it wasn't until I uploaded it that I noticed that the moon is sitting exactly on Snuffy's butt (two full moons!) It wasn't on purpose. I was shivering too much to really place Snuffy.

Anyway, there ya go. Hopefully this will be the coldest picture of the project, 'cause I about died. Brrr.

015 - HEY! Snuffy, that's Bean's dinner!

016 - It's been a rough day. I felt like poop all day. So this isn't exactly inspired, but I give you "Last Snuffy on the Stairway" ("I don't remember quite how I met you wasn't long ago...")

017 - Brave Pilot Snuffy, ready for takeoff on the super awesome new Norm's Dollhouse nano quadcopter. This thing is seriously awesome. But I think I may need to make Snuffy a parachute... just in case.

And now you're all caught up until the next 6 photos! 

 - Miri

Thursday, January 16, 2014

One Object 365 Days Project 2014: Days 6 - 11

Continuing on with this "One Object 365 Days" project thingy. I post the pictures to my Facebook every day, but a lot of my favorite people don't read Facebook, so I can share my pictures with them here. I'm going to post 6 pictures at a time, so you don't get over Snuffied.

So here's Day 6 through Day 11!

006/365 - Move over Swiffer! Now there's the Snuffy! A mop with all the cleaning power of a tiny toy pachyderm!

007/365 - Today has been just a stupid, wretched day. So Snuffy is seriously thinking that tomorrow, he's just not going to bother getting out of bed at all. I think he may have the right idea. Bleah.

008/365 - Midnight Snack for Snuffy. I almost forgot to take my "One Object 365 Days" photo today. Lucky for me, I caught Snuffy trying to sneak himself a midnight snack. That isn't where I keep the peanuts, buddy.

009/365 - In-A-Gadda-Da-Snuffy, baby. Don't you know that I love you?

010 - Back Home at the Equinox. Since the Green Elephant is moving to Norm's Dollhouse for awhile, we're back at the Equinox. I think Bean isn't so sure what to make of Snuffy. Play nice, you two!

011 - Tale of Two Elephants. Snuffy standing on the front window of the Green Elephant.

Snuffy is a total cutie, and I am having so much fun, but carrying around a toy all the time to photograph is a little weird. Isn't it? I dunno. But it's a lot of fun, so I guess I don't really care if people look at me weird. Whatever. 

- Miri

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photo Challenge #2 - Love

Week two of this nifty photo challenge thingy.

Second Photo - LOVE

This is my baby bunny, Bean. I love her to bits. And she loves me too, in that unconditional way only animals can love someone. She's an awesome bunny, and I'm lucky to have her.

So far, so good on this photo project thing. If you're doing this too on your blog, let me know! I want to see!

If you want to participate on Facebook, there's a whole group of us doing this. It's only week two, plenty of time to join still! Come play!

- Miri

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Green Elephant on Parade

Well, it's kind of on parade, but it's just a funny way of saying on display.

After Christmas, the business at the Green Elephant just totally dropped off. I closed it up and figured I'd just leave it closed for awhile and do something else.

But then I was approached by Norm's Dollhouse about having the shop on display in their shop while it's closed. Sounded like a good plan to me. Means I don't have to dust.

It's all plexi-glassed in. Safe and sound. 

Kinda weird to see it all behind glass, though. Like a museum or something. 

I can still get in if I want to.

Just in case of emergency or something. 

Me and Snuffy checked it out, and I thought I'd take my "One Object 365 Days" project photo of Snuffy in front of the shop. 

He's just the most photogenic little thing. 

The new sign looks AWESOME. It was done by the super awesome sign guy, Jeff. The one with the super cool semi truck

Snuffy is a lot of fun to take pictures of. I had no idea I'd have such a great time carrying a toy around everywhere. 

This is the picture I decided to go with for day 11. Cute huh? 

We wandered off, and just in time. I tried to tell them that pixies would want to shop at the Green Elephant, and sure enough, they showed up. But it's closed for now. And that means I can work on something else for awhile!


- Miri

Sunday, January 05, 2014

One Object 365 Days Project 2014: Days 1 - 5

My "One Object" project is going pretty well. Turns out Snuffy is very photogenic and I'm really enjoying taking a toy around to photograph every day. I post the pictures on Facebook, and on Ipernity, but I have some blog readers who aren't on either of those sites, so I'll post them here too.

Here are the first five photos. I'll post all the photos, five at a time, over the 365 days. Okay? Okay.

 001/365 - Meet Snuffy
 So, this is my object for the "One Object/365 Days" project. I've never done a 365 project before, and I guess we'll just see what kinds of adventures a tiny little gray elephant can get up to over a year.

002/365 - Get the Paper, Snuffy
Just kidding. Snuffy isn't real, but it's amazing how real toys can be in pictures, isn't it? He's so cute. 

003/365 - Too Late at Night For Coffee, Snuffy 
10:52 p.m. is much too late for drinking coffee. An elephant has to get some beauty sleep, you know

004/365 - Snuffy Makes Snow Elephants
My brilliant writer friend, Ann Oxford, suggested snow elephants as something Snuffy and I could do on a cold snowy day. Snuffy had a great time. I froze my butt off.

005/365 - Snuffy Celebrates National Bird Day
I had to take a picture for the Norm's Dollhouse Facebook page, and figured I could kill two birds with one stone if I photographed Snuffy at the same time. And then realized that talking about killing birds with stones was NOT a good way to celebrate National Bird Day. Oops. Snuffy's still cute, though.

Five days down, 360 to go! But I think I can do it. So far, so good. But now I find myself thinking maybe I should build Snuffy a little elephant house. Or maybe he'd like a scarf. I mean, I know he's just a toy elephant, but he's got a lot of personality. I dunno. We'll see. This might get really out of hand in a year. You just never know.

- Miri