Sunday, January 05, 2014

One Object 365 Days Project 2014: Days 1 - 5

My "One Object" project is going pretty well. Turns out Snuffy is very photogenic and I'm really enjoying taking a toy around to photograph every day. I post the pictures on Facebook, and on Ipernity, but I have some blog readers who aren't on either of those sites, so I'll post them here too.

Here are the first five photos. I'll post all the photos, five at a time, over the 365 days. Okay? Okay.

 001/365 - Meet Snuffy
 So, this is my object for the "One Object/365 Days" project. I've never done a 365 project before, and I guess we'll just see what kinds of adventures a tiny little gray elephant can get up to over a year.

002/365 - Get the Paper, Snuffy
Just kidding. Snuffy isn't real, but it's amazing how real toys can be in pictures, isn't it? He's so cute. 

003/365 - Too Late at Night For Coffee, Snuffy 
10:52 p.m. is much too late for drinking coffee. An elephant has to get some beauty sleep, you know

004/365 - Snuffy Makes Snow Elephants
My brilliant writer friend, Ann Oxford, suggested snow elephants as something Snuffy and I could do on a cold snowy day. Snuffy had a great time. I froze my butt off.

005/365 - Snuffy Celebrates National Bird Day
I had to take a picture for the Norm's Dollhouse Facebook page, and figured I could kill two birds with one stone if I photographed Snuffy at the same time. And then realized that talking about killing birds with stones was NOT a good way to celebrate National Bird Day. Oops. Snuffy's still cute, though.

Five days down, 360 to go! But I think I can do it. So far, so good. But now I find myself thinking maybe I should build Snuffy a little elephant house. Or maybe he'd like a scarf. I mean, I know he's just a toy elephant, but he's got a lot of personality. I dunno. We'll see. This might get really out of hand in a year. You just never know.

- Miri


  1. These are really cute pictures! I particularly like the one where Snuffy is fetching the paper.... :D

  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. Very cute. Great goals. Keep in touch