Monday, January 13, 2014

The Green Elephant on Parade

Well, it's kind of on parade, but it's just a funny way of saying on display.

After Christmas, the business at the Green Elephant just totally dropped off. I closed it up and figured I'd just leave it closed for awhile and do something else.

But then I was approached by Norm's Dollhouse about having the shop on display in their shop while it's closed. Sounded like a good plan to me. Means I don't have to dust.

It's all plexi-glassed in. Safe and sound. 

Kinda weird to see it all behind glass, though. Like a museum or something. 

I can still get in if I want to.

Just in case of emergency or something. 

Me and Snuffy checked it out, and I thought I'd take my "One Object 365 Days" project photo of Snuffy in front of the shop. 

He's just the most photogenic little thing. 

The new sign looks AWESOME. It was done by the super awesome sign guy, Jeff. The one with the super cool semi truck

Snuffy is a lot of fun to take pictures of. I had no idea I'd have such a great time carrying a toy around everywhere. 

This is the picture I decided to go with for day 11. Cute huh? 

We wandered off, and just in time. I tried to tell them that pixies would want to shop at the Green Elephant, and sure enough, they showed up. But it's closed for now. And that means I can work on something else for awhile!


- Miri


  1. I love your shop! Good to see it well protected in a place where others can admire it. Snuffy definitely has a modelling career waiting :-)

  2. It must be very strange indeed to see your shop behind glass! But it is displayed so nicely. :D

    Snuffy really is a very photogenic elephant... I'm enjoying seeing his pictures! :)

  3. The shop is wonderful! And so is Snuffy, what a little darling. I want to catch up with reading all your previous posts, with a large thermos of coffee and a lot of cookies next to me (really look forward to that, I love your stories) :-)

  4. Hello from Spain: the store is fabulous. Nice pictures. Keep in touch