Thursday, January 02, 2014

Photo Challenge #1 - Self Portrait

So I'm doing this photo challenge thingy on Facebook with Eve and Wendy. It'll be fun.

So the first photo assignment was "self portrait". This was my first attempt.

Apparently if I'm not doing a "duck face" the camera can't see me in the mirror. I refuse.

So I set up the self timer and took this one. This is me an my elephant, Snuffy. Snuffy is going to be the subject of my "One Object/365 Days" project on Ipernity. A certain roommate who shall remain nameless ('cause it's Wendy) told me I couldn't DO a 365 project. So HA! I'll show her!

Are you doing any photo projects this year? Let me know if you are and where they are so I can see your photos, okay? Okay!

- Miri


  1. Sounds like fun Miri, Henry would liek to join the 52 week project.

    Good luck on your 365 day project, quite an undertaking!

  2. Anonymous8:24 PM

    You can do it, Miri! I can't wait to see a daily Snuffy. Elephants are my favorite animal, so I KNOW you picked him just for me. ;)
    Good luck, Miri.


  3. Awesome! You're off to a great start. It's a lovely selfie!