Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt Planning Day- Featuring Morgan

Still no camera, though I think we can get it fixed. We'll figure out something. Don't worry. In the meantime, I discovered that we had pictures we hadn't shown you yet from when Madera and I went to talk to Lynn, the caretaker of Wightwick Manor, about our Easter Egg hunt. So here you go. They're from about a week ago, but still - PICTURES!

So, Lynn was sick, and we ended up meeting with his assistant, Hilde, instead. Nice lady. Very organized.

While I chatted with Hilde, Madera told her little cousin, Morgan, who had tagged along with us, about the Manor.

Yeah... "little" cousin, indeed.

Hilde and I talked about Easter Egg hiding in and out of the manor. There are things to be considered when you're holding an event like this in a vintage pixie home such as Wightwick Manor, you know.

Apparently Morgan was just enchanted with the whole place. It probably looks different when you're nearly 4 feet tall instead of 4 inches (like me).

Wendy got her a step stool, so she could see inside the house too.

It was very strange hearing another fairy type say that she wished she was small enough to walk around the Manor with us.

I think of all fairies as my size, but I guess Morgan's family are all pretty big. So she's a kid, but she's huge.

But it doesn't matter. Kids of all ages and sizes are enchanted equally by the amazing Wightwick Manor.

Hilde and I finalized some details and we're on! We're having the Easter Egg hunt for pixies at the Manor, and by then I will (hopefully) have a camera with which to show it to you.

Madera and I checked out the Easter decorations and supplies provided by Norm's Dollhouse (where the Manor resides.)

There was a lot of stuff to see.

Madera fell in love with all the little Easter lambs. And I must admit, they were pretty cute.

So we're set. The 1st Annual C&M Books and Coffee Easter Egg Hunt (to benefit the Pixie Friends of Wightwick Manor Association) is ON! I'll let you know how it goes, and will find a way to have a camera to show you how it goes. Oh yes. I will.

"Short Break" my behind. It's MY blog, and I'LL update it, even if certain OTHER people want to spend all their time on dirt bikes and camping (ugh... I hate camping). So yeah... I'll let you know.


- Miri

P.S. Here are just a couple more photos of Morgan 'cause she's just such a cute kid, they were on the camera, and these might be the last pictures I have to show you for a little while.

She's a sweetie, and I guess I'm glad to have her around, even if she is a ginormous fairy kid.

Yes, Wendy has already warped poor Morgan's mind and now the poor child wants to ride a dirt bike too. FINE. But you know what, _I_ have a dirt bike, and I can find time to ride AND to update the blog. Without taking "short break."

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beeep.... Please Stand By

Hello. Wendy here.

I am apparently ridiculously hard on cameras, because I've broken another one. My little companion camera who I take everywhere and photograph everything with has given up the ghost.

Or is at least having extreme technical difficulties.

I think that this means that for the time being, Miranda Wandering is on a short break while I sort out the camera situation. Well, and ride my dirt bike, and camp, and hike and that kind of thing too.

This is almost like a sign, but that's a different story. :)

Anyway, thank you all for reading my goofy little doll blog. I'll let you know as soon as it's back, but I don't know when that will be.

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

- Wendy

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Miranda: 1 / Zombie: Nuthin'

My roommate suddenly has new hobbies. She's into target shooting, riding dirt bikes and selling pixie dolls who don't fit in with her new interests.

I have a dirt bike, and I'm good on it (I'll tell you all about it later) but I thought maybe it was time to pick up a firearm for target shooting. Thankfully, Norm's Dollhouse has a fine selection and a great gun sales guy.

I met up with Hank at the store. He's got an old garage that he works out of. Nice guy.

I told him I was interested in different fire arms, and so had out quite a selection for me to try. I decided to focus on the long guns for today. Handguns next time.

I brought my own eye and ear protection. Yeah, laugh all you want, but sometimes safety is more important than fashion.

Hank provided some nice targets.

But I brought my own from Killer Targets. Love them! I need to suggest these to the roommate. It'll show we share an interest, right? Right.

Tried the rifle first. Not bad. Looking through the scope gives me a headache, though.

So on to the shotgun.

I figured I'd just reuse my target, but then I realized: shotguns aren't for clowns...

Shotguns are for Zombies!

I love these targets, and it turns out I'm a fan of the shotgun.

Nice patterning!

Yes, I believe I've found my target shooting gun. Now to show it to the roommate and share our amazing new common interest. This little pixie doll isn't getting sold. I don't care WHAT new hobby she comes up with (and I'd like to recommend finishing building my house would be a GREAT hobby too, but that might be pushing it.)

Also... I still have all the other stuff that I was going to tell you before to tell you. But not getting sold on Ebay seemed more important. So next time. Promise.