Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt Planning Day- Featuring Morgan

Still no camera, though I think we can get it fixed. We'll figure out something. Don't worry. In the meantime, I discovered that we had pictures we hadn't shown you yet from when Madera and I went to talk to Lynn, the caretaker of Wightwick Manor, about our Easter Egg hunt. So here you go. They're from about a week ago, but still - PICTURES!

So, Lynn was sick, and we ended up meeting with his assistant, Hilde, instead. Nice lady. Very organized.

While I chatted with Hilde, Madera told her little cousin, Morgan, who had tagged along with us, about the Manor.

Yeah... "little" cousin, indeed.

Hilde and I talked about Easter Egg hiding in and out of the manor. There are things to be considered when you're holding an event like this in a vintage pixie home such as Wightwick Manor, you know.

Apparently Morgan was just enchanted with the whole place. It probably looks different when you're nearly 4 feet tall instead of 4 inches (like me).

Wendy got her a step stool, so she could see inside the house too.

It was very strange hearing another fairy type say that she wished she was small enough to walk around the Manor with us.

I think of all fairies as my size, but I guess Morgan's family are all pretty big. So she's a kid, but she's huge.

But it doesn't matter. Kids of all ages and sizes are enchanted equally by the amazing Wightwick Manor.

Hilde and I finalized some details and we're on! We're having the Easter Egg hunt for pixies at the Manor, and by then I will (hopefully) have a camera with which to show it to you.

Madera and I checked out the Easter decorations and supplies provided by Norm's Dollhouse (where the Manor resides.)

There was a lot of stuff to see.

Madera fell in love with all the little Easter lambs. And I must admit, they were pretty cute.

So we're set. The 1st Annual C&M Books and Coffee Easter Egg Hunt (to benefit the Pixie Friends of Wightwick Manor Association) is ON! I'll let you know how it goes, and will find a way to have a camera to show you how it goes. Oh yes. I will.

"Short Break" my behind. It's MY blog, and I'LL update it, even if certain OTHER people want to spend all their time on dirt bikes and camping (ugh... I hate camping). So yeah... I'll let you know.


- Miri

P.S. Here are just a couple more photos of Morgan 'cause she's just such a cute kid, they were on the camera, and these might be the last pictures I have to show you for a little while.

She's a sweetie, and I guess I'm glad to have her around, even if she is a ginormous fairy kid.

Yes, Wendy has already warped poor Morgan's mind and now the poor child wants to ride a dirt bike too. FINE. But you know what, _I_ have a dirt bike, and I can find time to ride AND to update the blog. Without taking "short break."

Just sayin'.


  1. Very cute, as always! And Morgan is just gorgeous! I have fought the urge to add a big girlie to my collection. Love the Masterpiece dolls! A friend has Sidney and another has Danielle & Danny.

    Miri, please tell Wendy that I hope her laryngitis is much better by now. :o)

  2. Hi again! Would you do me a favor and re-sign up to follow my new blog. I noticed a terrible error in the addy of the other one. I mispelled Mindy's name! Eekkk!

    Here's the corrected link:


  3. Hi Wendy and Miri,

    thank you for joining our blog recently - that gave us the chance to find yours. And we're glad we did and became followers... it's beautiful here!

    Greetings from Germany
    Flutterby + Birgit

  4. Hey Bama! No problem! We won't tell Mindy and she'll never notice. :)

    Thanks Flutterby and Birgit! We're glad we found your blog too! Your stuff is amazing!

    - Miri

  5. Hello from Spain: Morgan and Wendy are very cute. Have a beautiful dollhouses. I have a blog devoted to Barbies where I dioramas. I invite you to visit: If you want to keep in touch with blog blog

  6. Yay! I was worried that we wouldn't be seeing you for a while. I certainly hope you can get pics of the Easter Egg Hunt. I'd love to come and play and hunt for eggs, but it's a very long way from Taw Wood. Have fun Miri and give your friend a nudge about that camera demolition. Acckkk... that's such a shame. Can't she borrow one? btw we have a huge kid here too, but she's hiding in the cupboard as the huge greyhounds would find her very interesting, but they leave me alone as long as I stay out of their reach, that is. LOL Happy Easter Miranda. Love and hugs, NyXy and Valli and the gang xx