Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disaster Before the COBJD Meetup

Lenore informed me that we have to go to DDE to go shopping today.

You see, tomorrow is the COBJD meetup at the zoo, and I'll be bringing her along with me.

So she says that today we have got to go shopping.



Because she has absolutely nothing to wear to the meetup.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update from Clara's Coffee Shoppe - by Devika

Hello, Blog Friends!

Tonight, I am typing to you from Clara's Coffee Shoppe. There is so much more catching up to do. I don't even know where to begin.

Clara's has Wifi, and Miranda pointed out to me that it is GREAT for doing blog entries. I love just hanging out at the coffee shop.

OH! Clara's! There's an update! Of course!

So, Clara has been working very hard trying to find someone to help her work days at the coffee shop.

Gus is a very dedicated worker, and he's great on the night shift.

Sadie and Roo are very helpful also, and have been the day shift at Clara's all Summer.

But Sadie and Roo are both back in school now, and so Clara needed someone to help her cover the days they were in class.

Her first potential employee, Lacrymosa, seemed more interested in working the night shift. She wanted hours specifically after the sun set and came to interview after the store had closed.

But Gus covers nights, doing dishes and cleaning up, and the shop is closed after 8 p.m. anyway. So that wasn't going to work out.

Clara's next potential new hire was Phoebe. She's a very perky, sweet girl. She likes mornings, and she LOVES coffee.

She might love coffee a little too much, and Clara wasn't sure when/if Phoebe ever slept. She's a very energetic girl, but there is such a thing as too perky. So that didn't work out either.

In the end, Clara decided on asking her cousin, Beatrice, to help out in the shop.

She's a little shy, but she likes the idea of helping out with the family business. And she's reliable and super sweet.

I'm sure that Phoebe will find herself the perfect job.

And Lacrymosa, well... in the end, the perfect job found HER.

But I'll have to tell you about that next time, 'cause they're closing up, here at Clara's, and I'd better skedaddle.

Bye for now, Blog Friends. More updates soon!

- Devika

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Bunny in the Garden

Just a little bunny, wandering around in front of Devika's house. Her name is Phoebe. I don't think that she normally gardens dressed like a rabbit, but you never know. - Emi

Friday, August 06, 2010

Meeting the Wombat - By Lenore

Today I met a wombat.

Miss Wendy used to travel with a rabbit named Gage. He was a very nice rabbit, and I really enjoyed traveling with him, but he retired and doesn't want to travel anymore. And now Miss Wendy has a wombat that she travels with. His name is Will.

Mister Will seems very nice. He's going to movie night with me at Miss Wyntormoon's house this Saturday. But first, he went to the doll store with me today.

I love going to the doll store with Miss Wendy. Though I haven't gone in a while. I like trying on all the different clothes and doing some shopping. Mister Will finds shopping boring, but he hung out with me while I tried on clothes.

Even if he was a little less than helpful with comments like "That makes you look like some kind of demented harlequin bumble bee."

I thought maybe if he got more involved in the clothes trying part, he might like it better.

I was wrong.

I found lots of nice stuff, but didn't buy anything. It was just a "getting to know you" trip with Mister Will. I think we're going to get along just fine, and now I know not to bring him with me when I'm in need of fashion advice.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Vigil for Friends Remembered

Two years ago, a battle was lost. The casualties were great, and friends were lost to the darkness of inertia. Some of the dolls here gather to mark the date, and to remember their lost friends, because that which is remembered, lives.

But, while we mourn the loss, we do not dwell on it.

Things are better, there are no more battles, and the world of the dolls and stuffies is peaceful and happy. New friends come, new stories are told and life goes on, even better than before.

We mark the anniversary of the Fall, and as we did then, walk away and think on it no more.

That is very much the way of pixies.