Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Ahmas Are For

Lenore: *sigh*

Ahma: Lenore, may I join you?

Lenore: Um... sure.

Ahma: Is everything okay? How was your day of taking pictures of models?

Lenore: Um... it was okay... well.

Lenore: There was this girl. One of the models. Her name is April. She's really nice. And... her birthday is the 24th, and she doesn't have a home or anyone to love her on her birthday and it just...

Lenore: It just makes me so sad. She's so nice. I thought... maybe she could come live here, but Miss Wendy said "no". So she's all alone *sniffle* with nowhere to go, and no one to love her.

Ahma: Oh, I see. That IS very sad, having a birthday all alone like that. You are a very sweet girl to care about such things, Lenore.

Lenore: Being sweet isn't helping, though. I can't help! I can't do ANYTHING to make this better for her! *sniffle*

Ahma: Lenore, come here.

Lenore: Okay.

Ahma: Things will turn out okay for your friend. All right?

Lenore: Okay.

Ahma: Even though you couldn't give that little girl a home here, you gave her a wonderful day with someone who cared about her and made her feel like a real model. You did everything you could for her. You did your best, and that is all you CAN do, Lenore. Don't be mad at yourself for giving someone your best.

Lenore: Okay, Ahma. But...

Ahma: No, there's no "but" about it. You are a wonderful, caring little girl. And sometimes caring hurts.

Lenore: Yeah... yeah it does. *deep sigh* I just wish she had a home.

Ahma: Don't you worry, Little One. Things work out. You'll see.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Picture Day - Pt 2

Lenore: So, where are our models?

Wendy: I asked them to meet us at the Hollow, where we'll be doing the shoot.

Lenore: Oh, okay.

Wendy: You know, I could help you into the car.

Lenore: No thank you, I've got it.

Lenore: Now let's GO!

Lenore: *quietly* Is that them?

Wendy: I hope so, because if there are five OTHER dolls hanging around the Hollow, that's just plain weird.

Lenore: *snort*

Lenore: Hello everyone!

Models: Hello!
The Photosessions

The blonde Binu said she just didn't feel like this was the right setting for her, and that she'd have to talk to her agent about doing outdoor shoots. Lenore said that she'd find a better setting for her and that Lenore's agent would talk to Binu's agent.

All in all, I think Lenore had a very successful first day of photographing other dolls. She and April seemed to hit it off. After everyone else was gone, and I was packing everything up, they went for a walk.

When it was time to go, I called them away from watching the ducks on the lake, and Lenore and I went home. :)

Lenore was very quiet the whole ride home, but I figure she's just exhausted. It was a big day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Picture Day - Pt 1

(Wendy's "Office")

Lenore: *quietly, to self* Oh... Henry seems so nice.

Wendy: Hey, Lenore. Whatcha doin'?

Lenore: Oh! Hi Miss Wendy!

Lenore: I was reading Tarja's "Kitty and Riddick" stories on Flickr. She tells stories with her toys like we do!

Wendy: I've read her stuff. She's a good writer.

Lenore: Yeah, I got caught up to part 5 while I was waiting for you.

Wendy: Waiting for me?

Lenore: Yeah, you said today was picture day.

Wendy: Oh, but Lenore...

Lenore: So I've just been waiting so we could start. The daylight is really nice...

Wendy: But... Lenore...

Lenore: What?

Wendy: Lenore, I wasn't going to take pictures of YOU today, I was...

Lenore: Yeah, I know. Pictures of dolls from work who need homes. Poor things.

Wendy: Well, yeah. That's the plan.

Lenore: Good, because I brought my camera so I can help you. I'd like to help them find homes too. And I take pretty good pictures.

Wendy: OH! Well, okay. You do take good pictures.

Lenore: Hold my camera, please. So I can put on my coat.

Wendy: Sure.

Lenore: Someday I want to do a doll blog like you and Tarja do, but I want to help you take pictures today while I think about it.

Wendy: Well however I can help with the blog, I'm happy to. Do you know who it'd be about?

Lenore: Not sure yet. But I'll figure it out. First things first, and we're going to help homeless dolls find homes! Shall we?

Wendy: Sure!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Romance at the Coffee Shop - Pt 2

Clara: I didn't refill the side bar, Gus. I'm sorry. I meant to and I just didn't get to it.

Gus: No problem. It was a really busy day today. I'll refill the baskets.

Clara: Thanks, Gus. I don't know how I would run this place without you on nights. Thanks for taking the late shift.

Gus: Aww, thanks. I like working nights. It's a nice shift for me. Quiet and all.

Clara: Okey dokey, then I'm out of here.

Clara: Bye, Gus! See you tomorrow!

Gus: Bye, Clara! Have a good night!

Gus: *humming happily to self*

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Romance at the Coffee Shop - Pt. 1

Clara: Oof.

Clara: Gus? All the chairs are stacked and I cleaned off the back counter. Do you need anything else?

Gus: Nope, thanks Clara.

Clara: Okay, then I'm headed home.

Clara: See you tomorrow!

Gus: G'night, Clara!!

Gus: Okay, back to dishes then.

Gus: *humming quietly to self*

Gus: *quietly humming*

(door chimes jingle)

Gus: Clara?

Gus: Did you forget your keys again, Clara? I...

Gus: Oh! Hello.

Stranger: Hello. I was hoping to get a cup of coffee on my way to work.

Gus: Oh, I'm sorry. We're closed for the evening.

Stranger: But your sign still said "open"...

Gus: Oh, Clara must not have flipped the sign to "Closed" on her way out.

Stranger: Oh... I'm sorry. Well, have a good night.

Gus: Wait a minute. Um...

Gus: I can probably make you a cup of coffee. I mean, Taelyn runs the machine sometimes, so it can't be THAT hard, right?

Stranger: Oh, would you? Please?

Gus: Sure thing (sounds of coffee maker heating up) it won't be anything fancy, but it will be coffee. So uh.... you work late. What do you do?

Stranger: Oh, I'm in mushroom placement, for the Gnome Corps. Sometimes the night hours are a little long, but I get to plan faeiry rings, and exactly where which kind of mushroom should go after rainstorms and...

Stranger: I'm sure it must sound rather boring...

Gus: I think it sounds very interesting. Here's your coffee, I hope it's okay.

Stranger: It's wonderful. Thank you so much. What do I owe you?

Gus: Nufin. Register's closed, so it's on the house. Just for you... Miss erm...

Stranger: Salome. Salome WormWood. And you?

Gus: Gus. Just Gus.

Salome: Well, thank you for the coffee, Gus. I'd better get going. We've got a forward planning mushroom meeting tonight. Gotta plan for Spring. Thanks!

Gus: G'night, Salome.

Gus: Huh.

Gus: Salome, what a pretty name... *dreamy sigh*