Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Ahmas Are For

Lenore: *sigh*

Ahma: Lenore, may I join you?

Lenore: Um... sure.

Ahma: Is everything okay? How was your day of taking pictures of models?

Lenore: Um... it was okay... well.

Lenore: There was this girl. One of the models. Her name is April. She's really nice. And... her birthday is the 24th, and she doesn't have a home or anyone to love her on her birthday and it just...

Lenore: It just makes me so sad. She's so nice. I thought... maybe she could come live here, but Miss Wendy said "no". So she's all alone *sniffle* with nowhere to go, and no one to love her.

Ahma: Oh, I see. That IS very sad, having a birthday all alone like that. You are a very sweet girl to care about such things, Lenore.

Lenore: Being sweet isn't helping, though. I can't help! I can't do ANYTHING to make this better for her! *sniffle*

Ahma: Lenore, come here.

Lenore: Okay.

Ahma: Things will turn out okay for your friend. All right?

Lenore: Okay.

Ahma: Even though you couldn't give that little girl a home here, you gave her a wonderful day with someone who cared about her and made her feel like a real model. You did everything you could for her. You did your best, and that is all you CAN do, Lenore. Don't be mad at yourself for giving someone your best.

Lenore: Okay, Ahma. But...

Ahma: No, there's no "but" about it. You are a wonderful, caring little girl. And sometimes caring hurts.

Lenore: Yeah... yeah it does. *deep sigh* I just wish she had a home.

Ahma: Don't you worry, Little One. Things work out. You'll see.