Sunday, February 01, 2009

House-sitting #2 - Disaster

Miranda and I should not have gone exploring while Miss Wendy was at work.

Things went very badly. The cat chased us, and then the dog chased the cat, and somehow Miss Wendy's camera fell off the table onto the hardwood floor of the kitchen and now it's broken.

She is furious with both of us. Miranda has been quietly whispering that maybe now Miss Wendy will sell me and the rest of the "big" dolls and get back to focusing on the tinies. But I do not really believe Miss Wendy would sell me or any of my friends.

She is awfully upset, though. And she's sick, so that isn't helping her mood any either.

One more night of house sitting and then we'll be home. I don't know what kind of trouble I'll be in with Miss Simona and Ahma for running off with Miss Wendy. I don't know how much longer Miss Wendy will be angry about our coming along.

I cannot say I wish I hadn't come along. But I do wish the dog and the cat hadn't broken the camera.

- Lenore