Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Romance at the Coffee Shop - Pt. 1

Clara: Oof.

Clara: Gus? All the chairs are stacked and I cleaned off the back counter. Do you need anything else?

Gus: Nope, thanks Clara.

Clara: Okay, then I'm headed home.

Clara: See you tomorrow!

Gus: G'night, Clara!!

Gus: Okay, back to dishes then.

Gus: *humming quietly to self*

Gus: *quietly humming*

(door chimes jingle)

Gus: Clara?

Gus: Did you forget your keys again, Clara? I...

Gus: Oh! Hello.

Stranger: Hello. I was hoping to get a cup of coffee on my way to work.

Gus: Oh, I'm sorry. We're closed for the evening.

Stranger: But your sign still said "open"...

Gus: Oh, Clara must not have flipped the sign to "Closed" on her way out.

Stranger: Oh... I'm sorry. Well, have a good night.

Gus: Wait a minute. Um...

Gus: I can probably make you a cup of coffee. I mean, Taelyn runs the machine sometimes, so it can't be THAT hard, right?

Stranger: Oh, would you? Please?

Gus: Sure thing (sounds of coffee maker heating up) it won't be anything fancy, but it will be coffee. So uh.... you work late. What do you do?

Stranger: Oh, I'm in mushroom placement, for the Gnome Corps. Sometimes the night hours are a little long, but I get to plan faeiry rings, and exactly where which kind of mushroom should go after rainstorms and...

Stranger: I'm sure it must sound rather boring...

Gus: I think it sounds very interesting. Here's your coffee, I hope it's okay.

Stranger: It's wonderful. Thank you so much. What do I owe you?

Gus: Nufin. Register's closed, so it's on the house. Just for you... Miss erm...

Stranger: Salome. Salome WormWood. And you?

Gus: Gus. Just Gus.

Salome: Well, thank you for the coffee, Gus. I'd better get going. We've got a forward planning mushroom meeting tonight. Gotta plan for Spring. Thanks!

Gus: G'night, Salome.

Gus: Huh.

Gus: Salome, what a pretty name... *dreamy sigh*