Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Sudden Disappearance

It's Halloween.

We have to go. We have no choice.

I never, EVER thought we would have to run.

But here we are.

I mean, okay... we of the Wylde Kingdom, we're of the "Light" Court of pixies. The Seelie. And the "Light" Court rules the Northern Hemisphere from May 1st to October 31st.

On Halloween, the Unseelie, the "Dark" Court take over the Northern Hemisphere until April 30th. That's just how it's always been.

You humans think you've seen evil, but you haven't until you've met the Unseelie. And God willing, I hope you never do.

We've pushed our luck every year.

We've stayed here, even though we weren't supposed to. And the Unseelie never noticed us.

Until now.

They know we stay. And apparently, they're planning to come visit. Tonight. After Midnight.

So we're leaving.

We're traveling with the Light Court to the Southern Hemisphere.

And we're all going.

All the pixies, anyway.

The Hittys are exempt from the laws of the Unseelie, not being pixies. As are the Woodlees.

The only pixie staying is Madera. Our intrepid photographer. She said someone would need to stay to keep the blog updated with pictures.  Mechanical things don't work in the Fae world, so I'm leaving her my laptop. There's no wi-fi there anyway.

She'll be safe. One pixie won't draw their attention. But a Kingdom full of them... *sigh*

The Woodlees have agreed to keep everything running while we're gone.

The Hittys will live in the Equinox House with Madera and help her keep up the blog.

Wendy has agreed to help with the blog and the Kingdom and everything too.

I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe we're running.

We'll be okay. We will. I hope we will.

It's time. I have to go.


- Miri

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Quick Blog Entry About Random Stuff

Just a quick entry about random stuff.

Finally took Hitty Bertine to Norm's. It's almost like an unincorporated territory to the Wylde Kingdom, so she might as well see it sooner than later, right?

And, of course, I had to show her the incredible "Wightwick Manor". Not like she wouldn't have seen it. We're having our Halloween party there on Wednesday.

Bertine doesn't quite fit in a lot of pixie houses, so she seemed really enchanted with one that she not only fit in, but felt totally at home in.

I can't get her the Manor to live in, but it did make me think of a definite housing possibility. But before we can start anything new, we've got to finish some stuff first.

Thank goodness for C.J., who did all this work on the Green Elephant while no one was looking. What an industrious fella he is. And Mister Thorne and his sister, Calyx, who will be helping him run the place, were just THRILLED!

I dare say Thorne is even a bit anxious to get moved in! The goal is to have the shop finished for a November 1st grand opening! The apartment upstairs might not be ready, but I guess Thorne said the store is the important part. Holiday sales and all.

So there's a little update. More stuff to tell you about later. As usual.  And if you're lucky, I might even remember to this time.

- Miri

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Meeting Hitty Bertine Simmons

So, things got weird in the Wylde Kingdom for a little while. We actually closed our borders (no dolls in, no dolls out). Well, at least we tried to.

And then, yesterday, we got a surprise from our buddies Beth and Hitty Caroline.

A Hitty!!!

Anyway, it was late at night when she arrived, and she had a long trip, so I let her rest and then this morning got to really meet her.

This is Hitty Bertine Simmons, sister to Hitty Caroline in New York.

And now she wants to live here! 

Because, you know, who wouldn't? 

So day one, the first adventure for Hitty Bertine was meeting my roommate Devika. 

Who, upon finding out Bertine IS a Hitty made this weird squeeking noise...

... and went running out the front door. 

Which meant I had to warn Bertine that Vee is probably NOT the only crazy pixie she's going to meet here. We're all a little nutty. 

So we were chatting about why she wanted to come here, what she wanted to see. Turns out she reads my blog! I'm flattered, and it means she's got fine taste in literature. 

And in comes Devika, with a wagon full of clothes and shoes! 

She explained that when she found out our first Hitty, Hitty Rosabelle Kleider, was coming, she kind of went nuts coming up with dresses for her. And then when she arrived, they were all too big and not a one of them fit her. So she immediately thought they might fit Hitty Bertine!

Bertine thought they were awfully pretty. 

And they fit her PERFECTLY! Devika was so pleased, and I think Bertine was too. Instant wardrobe! 

So, welcome to the Wylde Kingdom, Hitty Bertine Simmons. We are so happy to have you here. 

She's touring the Kingdom now, with Devika. Starting at Vee's plant shop. Leaving me here to contemplate Hitty housing. But I'll come up with something. Something awesome. 

It's what I do.

- Miri

P.S. You should totally check out Hitty Bertine's family, her sister's got a blog and it's found here - The Continuing Adventures of Hitty Caroline. They're an interesting bunch, and there's always something interesting going on. We are so honored to have Hitty Bertine here. Thank you SO MUCH Beth and Caroline. We'll take good care of her. Promise. - Miri

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Just Between Fronds: Where the Plants Have Eyes

My buddy, Devika, took over the Wylde Kingdom plant shop here, and named it "Just Between Fronds". Which I think is pretty cute.

She started out with pretty standard houseplants. But it IS a pixie place, so of COURSE something weird was going to happen.

Meet the Rocky Mountain Eyeris.

While I like looking at plants, it's a little weird having one that looks BACK at you.

Devika called to tell me she had two baby eyerises that were just about to open their eyes. This is quite a sight to see.

They're very pretty plants.

Sort of cute in the right light.

And the "right light" for these guys would be indirect sunlight, unless you want to buy sunglasses for your houseplants.

That's a lot of eyeballs, right there.

These two babies are on their way to Norm's Dollhouse to find new homes. Devika said that they tend to bond to their handlers, so she wanted to get them on their way quickly.

But I think it's more likely Devika might bond with THEM and not want to sell them.

Either way. I got looked at by a houseplant today. How was your day?

- Miri

Sunday, October 06, 2013

A New House in the Kingdom: JoAnne's House (Pt 4 - The End!)

Click here for Part Three of the House Tour - JoAnne's House Pt 3

I am a bad, bad pixie.

Oh, not just for taking forever to post this... no, you'll see.

Okay, so where was I? Oh yeah! We had just reached the third floor!!!

Oh wow... look at this room.

 Oh wow... the angles... I LOVE this room.

You know... a pixie could be pretty happy in a room like this. 

With its own bathroom even.

Bathroom number 3, if you're counting along at home. 

Hmm... you know, a family doesn't HAVE to be a mom and dad and baby...

... technically, we ARE a big family, here in the Wylde Kingdom.

So it could be a whole bunch of pixies living in one house. I could have that bedroom upstairs.

Of course I could. I mean, it would be MY house. And I need a house. Wendy said I could have any house I wanted as long as I promised not to order any more termites

And there's a TON of room here. Lots of pixies could live here, or even just hang out. It could be like the "hang out" place for the whole Wylde Kingdom! 

 And we could have some seriously awesome parties here.

Gus and Salome are awesome folks, but not big party throwing types. 

 And this porch NEEDS to host a party.

Yeah, I'm going to have to take over this house. 

It would just be selfish NOT to, right? Right.

And now I have a LOT of house cleaning to do! 

- Miri