Monday, October 28, 2013

A Quick Blog Entry About Random Stuff

Just a quick entry about random stuff.

Finally took Hitty Bertine to Norm's. It's almost like an unincorporated territory to the Wylde Kingdom, so she might as well see it sooner than later, right?

And, of course, I had to show her the incredible "Wightwick Manor". Not like she wouldn't have seen it. We're having our Halloween party there on Wednesday.

Bertine doesn't quite fit in a lot of pixie houses, so she seemed really enchanted with one that she not only fit in, but felt totally at home in.

I can't get her the Manor to live in, but it did make me think of a definite housing possibility. But before we can start anything new, we've got to finish some stuff first.

Thank goodness for C.J., who did all this work on the Green Elephant while no one was looking. What an industrious fella he is. And Mister Thorne and his sister, Calyx, who will be helping him run the place, were just THRILLED!

I dare say Thorne is even a bit anxious to get moved in! The goal is to have the shop finished for a November 1st grand opening! The apartment upstairs might not be ready, but I guess Thorne said the store is the important part. Holiday sales and all.

So there's a little update. More stuff to tell you about later. As usual.  And if you're lucky, I might even remember to this time.

- Miri


  1. First of all, dig your outfit, Cuz! The newcomer Miss Hitty seems appropriately in awe of the Wichtwick Manor. And terrific job, C.J., and err, live pixies are cool, too, ya know. Trilby

  2. Thanks, Trilby! I love Fall, 'cause then I can get out all my awesome long sleeve stuff.

    Devika's all inspired to start sewing for Hitty Bertine. I'm hoping maybe she'll make ME some stuff too. You never know.

    Hitty Bertine is awesome, and who wouldn't be in awe of Wightwick? It really would be a great place to live, especially since the high ceilings suit her so well.

    I've got a plan. I think she'll like it. A nice little housing plan. But first, CJ is going to finish the Green Elephant! Wish us luck!

    (LOL! Yeah... I think CJ is still hung up on that ghost. I dunno if she's even still around. No one has seen her since last year. So... I guess we'll find out Wednesday! YAAY!)

  3. I swear, we sooo Gotta come to see Norms, your pictures make me just want to hop in there. Hitty Bertine is Wonderful, and its great to see Miranda enjoying her so much. That little Green Elephant is so Cute!

  4. Bertine looks right at home in the manor.I love how she is taking it all in with awe. If this first dress is an indication of what Devika can do, Bertine has a nice wardrobe to look forward to. Hopefully some of the creative process will be used to make something pretty for you too ;-)

  5. Hey Tiggy! You SHOULD!!! Norm's is pretty cool, and the Manor is definitely something to see in person. Come on down!

    Hitty Bertine is pretty spiffy. There's a wooden Hitty here too, but she doesn't really want to wander so she doesn't get seen a lot. I'm so happy Bertine likes to WANDER! She's a kick to hang out with, and she's got this crazy, dry sense of humor. She's awesome.

    I don't think Thorne could have a better representative for his store. I'll let him know you like his elephant. :)


    Hey Veronique! Bertine was very much at home in the Manor. She liked not having to duck to enter a house. Poor tall thing that she is.

    Vee is a pretty awesome seamstress, though I don't think she made that dress. She'll make awesome things for Bertine, though. She tracked down a bunch of the patterns and fabrics for stuff like the original Hitty has (all Hittys seem to be into dressing like the original Hitty or something. I dunno. It's a Hitty thing.)

    Hopefully I get some new clothes too. Winter time is here, and I could use a nice, cold weather, dress.:)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, you guys! I think Bertine is a little shocked at all the love she's getting on the web. :)

  6. You're back! I had no idea! I thought this blog was all over, and now I find you here again. Yay! xo Jennifer