Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pixie Finder's Journal

Lenore: (writing) Pixie Finder's Journal... day 20... someone has been eating my pixy sticks. The story is the same every time I check.

Lenore: Wrappers left behind. Little tiny teethmarks. But never any pixies to talk to. They don't hang around long enough for me to ask them about Devika, and Taelyn, and all the other pixies I knew.

Lenore: I do not want to resort to traps. Mr. Gage, Miss Wendy and Miss Simona all warn me of the same thing. Wild fae get angry very easily, and might not like someone messing with them. Even someone with the best of intentions. They don't seem to approve of my searches already. I'm certain they would make me stop completely if I accidentally trapped one of the local fae.

Lenore: My plan that I mentioned a few entries back, calling out the names of my pixie friends under the mushrooms, doesn't seem to be helping either. There's never any answer. Just more chewed up pixy stix wrappers.

Lenore: I realized, I must try something else. Not traps, not a different bait, but something entirely different.

Lenore: As I was finding the carnage of yet another pile of devoured pixy stix wrappers, I felt that what I needed was a pixie blind. Like bird watchers use to watch easily frightened birds.

Lenore: I don't know how to build a pixie blind, and I began to despair.

Lenore: But then, thinking about the birdwatchers got me thinking in a different direction.

Lenore: Not everything is unpacked here yet, but I was able to find the old Halloween costumes and...

Lenore: ... set myself up, perched in a tree and watched. And watched. But no one came. Though, I think it was not the fault of my disguise.

Lenore: As I was rather viciously dive bombed by an overly enthusiastic magpie, causing me to hit my head on a branch, though I did not fall, thank goodness.

Lenore: I remained in my robin costume for the rest of the afternoon. Continuing to check on places I'd left pixy stix and notes.

Lenore: Unsurprising, I suppose to report that I have still seen no pixies.

Lenore: Though I think I'm on the right track. There are wild fae here. I know there are. And I am sure that they will know the whereabouts of Devika, and Taelyn and all my pixie friends.

Lenore: At least, I am very hopeful that it's pixies that are around. Because this afternoon, I must report in this journal, I felt the very strong, and rather creepy sensation...

Lenore: ... of being watched. I will report again tomorrow in this journal. And hopefully will have at least SIGHTED a pixie

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cecilia's House

Cecilia: Why hello there! Haven't seen you in a while! How ARE you? Me? Why, I've just bought a house! THIS house in fact. And, well, I don't mind saying, it was a STEAL!

Cecilia: I haven't put out a welcome mat yet. I haven't even gotten my stuff moved in! But it's all furnished, and I plan to sleep here tonight. Better than that musty old storage box, I must say, even without my belongings. Come on in and take a look around!

Cecilia: But, not knowing what the neighborhood is like yet, a smart Pigxie locks her door behind her. Don't you agree?

Cecilia: The kitchen is downright COZY. Furnished with little mushroom things. MUSHROOMS! I love mushrooms!!! I knew it was a sign that I had to have it as soon as the real estate agent showed it to me. A lot of the furniture might go, but not the mushrooms, that's for sure!

Cecilia: The stairs will need a little work, the carpet's coming up, but they're quite sound. Come on up and I'll show you where I'll be laying my little pigxie head tonight.

Cecilia: Well now, that's a good question. I DON'T know what happened to the previous owner. Something about the government getting involved, assets being sold off or something. I don't know. It all sounded like none of my business, and I wasn't really paying attention. Okay, now do be careful on these stairs. There's no railing here, you see. Up, up, up!

Cecilia: Tah-dah! Isn't it WONDERFUL?! This is just the softest, coziest bed EVER. I love it. If I can find a comforter with mushrooms on it, it'll be absolutely PERFECT! *yawn* Oh my, I'm a bit tuckered. Um... would you mind closing your eyes a moment, please? I'll tell you when you can open them.

Cecilia: Thanks. *quietly humming... rustling noises... drawer opens and closes* Okay, you can open your eyes now.

Cecilia: Lucky for me, they packed me up for storage in my pjs! So at least I have some nice jammies to wear in my new, cozy bed. But first...

Cecilia: Some reading before bed! Thanks for coming along on the grand tour of my new house! Um... would you please lock the door on your way out? Oh, and turn off that one light by the door, but leave the other one in the window on. Thank you! Nighty, night!

*click of a lightswitch, followed very shortly by piggy snoring noises*

Monday, September 01, 2008

Finding Pixies - Pt 1

Marica Moose: Oh, Mitch! What a beautiful place you have found for us to camp.

Mitch Moose: Yes, it is very beautiful here.

Mitch Moose: But not as beautiful as you, my beautiful Marcia.

Marcia Moose: Oh, Mitch.

Marcia Moose: Mitch, my love, do you think we can find the others? Are we the only mooses left in the world do you think?

Mitch Moose: We will find them, my darling.

Marcia Moose: But HOW Mitch? How ever shall we find them?

Mitch: We must use the one thing in the world that mooses cannot resist. We must use it to call them, Marcia.

Marcia Moose: Oh Mitch, my beloved! But, can we? Must we?

Mitch Moose: We must, my love. We must, for they can only be called with...

Gage (in the distance): Lenore! Hey Lenore!

Lenore: Hi, Mister Gage!

Gage: Hi, Hi! Look I caught some fish for you for dinner! Here we are, surviving out in the wilds, living off the fat of the land!

Lenore: We're in the back yard.

Gage: Well, yes. Yes but... um... oh look! I found this carrot hanging around in a garden with nothing better to do than be dinner! Isn't that wonderful?

Gage: I'm sure they won't even notice it's gone. I'm going to fry it up for me while you're having your fish.

Lenore: Thank you, Mister Gage. I'm sure they'll be delicious.

Gage: So, wildlife photography? What were you photographing over there in the bushes?

Lenore: My Moose dolls. I'm taking pictures for a blog entry.

Gage: Oh! I didn't know you did a doll blog!

Lenore: I think I'm going to start one up. Their story is very sad, but with a happy ending. See, Mitch and Marcia Moose believe they, and their little baby Mo, are the only Moose People left in the whole world and they're...

Gage: Oh, Lenore... The only survivors...

Lenore: But they think they know how to call the other Moose People back to them and then they'll have all their friends back around them and they won't have to worry about them anymore and everything will be good again!

Gage: Lenore, I know you miss the pixies and the fairies and everyone but...

Gage: It's been a month, we just have to accept that...

Lenore: OH! I'd better get everyone packed up before it starts to rain. I think it's going to rain, don't you? Please excuse me, Mister Gage.

Gage: (thinking to self) Aww, poor kid. Working out things through her toys. That is just so sad.

Gage: Well, at least she's got an outlet. And after things are settled, she'll get back into the swing of things. Yeah, she'll be okay. All right, so on to the carrot and fish fry! Yeah!

Lenore: Mitch, that was a wonderful shoot. Good job! And don't you worry, you're exactly right and you'll call all the Moose People right back to you. Just like I'm going to call MY missing pixie friends.

Lenore: Because you're absolutely right, you just have to find the thing that they absolutely cannot resist and use it to call them. And I have JUST the thing

Gage: Pixie Sticks? I had no idea Lenore had such a sweet tooth! Goodness!

(to be continued)