Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cecilia's House

Cecilia: Why hello there! Haven't seen you in a while! How ARE you? Me? Why, I've just bought a house! THIS house in fact. And, well, I don't mind saying, it was a STEAL!

Cecilia: I haven't put out a welcome mat yet. I haven't even gotten my stuff moved in! But it's all furnished, and I plan to sleep here tonight. Better than that musty old storage box, I must say, even without my belongings. Come on in and take a look around!

Cecilia: But, not knowing what the neighborhood is like yet, a smart Pigxie locks her door behind her. Don't you agree?

Cecilia: The kitchen is downright COZY. Furnished with little mushroom things. MUSHROOMS! I love mushrooms!!! I knew it was a sign that I had to have it as soon as the real estate agent showed it to me. A lot of the furniture might go, but not the mushrooms, that's for sure!

Cecilia: The stairs will need a little work, the carpet's coming up, but they're quite sound. Come on up and I'll show you where I'll be laying my little pigxie head tonight.

Cecilia: Well now, that's a good question. I DON'T know what happened to the previous owner. Something about the government getting involved, assets being sold off or something. I don't know. It all sounded like none of my business, and I wasn't really paying attention. Okay, now do be careful on these stairs. There's no railing here, you see. Up, up, up!

Cecilia: Tah-dah! Isn't it WONDERFUL?! This is just the softest, coziest bed EVER. I love it. If I can find a comforter with mushrooms on it, it'll be absolutely PERFECT! *yawn* Oh my, I'm a bit tuckered. Um... would you mind closing your eyes a moment, please? I'll tell you when you can open them.

Cecilia: Thanks. *quietly humming... rustling noises... drawer opens and closes* Okay, you can open your eyes now.

Cecilia: Lucky for me, they packed me up for storage in my pjs! So at least I have some nice jammies to wear in my new, cozy bed. But first...

Cecilia: Some reading before bed! Thanks for coming along on the grand tour of my new house! Um... would you please lock the door on your way out? Oh, and turn off that one light by the door, but leave the other one in the window on. Thank you! Nighty, night!

*click of a lightswitch, followed very shortly by piggy snoring noises*