Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Doll for my Christmas Doll - by Wendy

For Christmas this year, the wonderful people I work for at DDE gave me a doll.

Not just any doll, she's a Masterpiece "Faith" by Monika Peter-Leicht, and she's amazing.

I saw her online about a month ago, and she's been haunting me ever since. I thought I would bring her home in January, but they got her for me as a surprise Christmas gift. I am blown away, both by the fact that they got her and by what an amazing, gorgeous and wonderful doll she is.

She hung around the doll store with me for a while today. Just taking it all in. It must be very strange to have spent all that time in a box and suddenly be out and about in the real world, but she seems to be adapting pretty well.

I found her looking very intently at the Ginny dolls in one of the cases. 

And I asked her if she wanted a doll for Christmas too. She seemed to like the idea. But I thought maybe she'd like a baby doll more than a Ginny.

She patiently looked through the baby dolls, but didn't seem to see anyone that really called to her until...

There, up on the second shelf, was just the doll. She couldn't reach her by herself, but she only had eyes for one doll.

One little Ashton Drake monkey doll. "Little Jala."

I knew after watching her with the monkey doll that it was hopeless. This was the one she wanted.

And when I asked her, she said "yes, please".

She seemed really smitten with the little monkey.

But I told her that since it was a Christmas doll, we needed to put it in it's box so it could be wrapped up and put under the tree. She reluctantly agreed.

While I was packing her baby monkey away, she sighed. But then, she got the most mischievous smile.

"Hmm," she said. "It's strange how my Christmas doll has to be packed up, but that I'm your Christmas doll and you already threw away my box. I guess not all Christmas dolls have to go back in their box, or be wrapped."

She had a point. And since she will never be boxed again, I couldn't argue. So, now she has her Christmas monkey. She seems very happy. I don't think she's figured out a name for it, any more than I've figured out hers. I don't think she's a "Faith" but her name hasn't come to me yet. Maybe she'll tell me tomorrow, while we're at work at the dollhouse store.

Thank you so much, Kaley, Shannon and Paula of DDE for my beautiful and amazing Christmas doll. I can't tell you how much I love her and how excited I am to start taking pictures of her. 

More pictures to come. I just hope she gets along with the tinies (and especially Miranda, who can be a little... territorial.) 

Merry Christmas to all of you reading this! And may all your holiday dolly wishes come true too!

- Wendy


  1. zorropirate9:36 AM

    Happy Christmas to you too Wendy!!

    Your new Christmas doll is incredible, no wonder she is so alive!! And her little baby monkey just blew me away!!!


  2. Merry Christmas to you, Wendy, and Miri and all the pixies!


  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year, Wendy! :-)

  4. Wendy, she is beautiful. You will have lots of fun taking pictures of her. I know, i have two of the Masterpiece dolls and love them both!