Monday, December 26, 2011

Wightwick Manor by Night: Part 2

These are the last of Madera's photos of Wightwick Manor, the incredible dollhouse mansion, located at Norm's Dollhouse in Centennial Colorado. We had our company Christmas party there, and Madera stayed late to take pictures of the house after dark. (Edit: Part 1 of her pictures can be seen here - Wightwick Manor by Night: Part 1)

It's even MORE gorgeous at night. Who knew? I love this house so much. I'm hoping to have a Valentine's Day party there in February. Any excuse to hang out at the manor.

Please enjoy the photos (click any of them to make them larger so you can see the details of this amazing house!) Back to Miranda babble next blog entry.

Dear Santa... the good news is, there's only one dollhouse I want for Christmas.

The bad news is, it's Wightwick Manor.


-  Miri


  1. Miri - I hope your dreams come true and you live in Wightwick Manor someday! It's the most incredible place I have ever seen! xoxo

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Thanks, MesaDollz! Me too. I feel honored to have been the first doll to ever set foot in it, but living in it would be amazing.

    For now I'd settle for having Wendy finish the house she's building. I would just like to live in a house again. *sigh*

    - Miri