Friday, December 02, 2011

Miranda Finds a House (Sort of)

 Miranda: It's about time you showed up.

Wendy: Good morning to you too, Miri.

 Miranda: But I can't be too mad at you. This is like the best Christmas present EVER.

Wendy: What?

 Miranda: This house! It's wonderful!

Wendy: Uh... well, it isn't really for you, Miri.

Miranda: Of course it is. What else would you do with it?

Wendy: I was leaning towards running it over with my car, actually.

Miranda: That's just silly.

Miranda: I need a house, and obviously you're building me one.

Wendy: This house isn't fit for a pixie to live in.

 Miranda: Sure it is! Look at all this SPACE!

Wendy: This kit is a total piece of junk, Miri.

 Miranda: It just needs some love.

Wendy: It just needs a bonfire.

 Miranda: *harumph*

 Miranda: It might not be perfect, but it's special. It's the first dollhouse you've ever built, right?

Wendy: Right, but it's a cheap kit and I don't know what I'm doing. That means it's going to be awful. Let's go to Norm's and pick out a GREAT kit and I'll build you a real house. Now that I kind of have an idea of what I'm doing and all.

Miranda: But no other house will be the first.

Wendy: So? It'll be better!

Miranda: But... well, I was your first doll, right? And... you've got dolls that are better than me, nicer and all, but I'm still the FIRST. And there's only ONE first. Right? Just like this house!

 Wendy: It's different...

Miranda: No, it's not. First doll gets the first dollhouse. I think that's in a rulebook somewhere.

Wendy: It is not!

Miranda: Hmm.

 Miranda: So, when will it be finished?

Wendy: It doesn't matter, since you won't be living in it. Seriously, I would never get any sleep with you living here!

 Miranda: Why?

Wendy: I would live in constant terror that it was going to fall apart around you, collapse and kill you.

 Miranda: Your building skills are THAT bad?

Wendy: Yes, and the kit is also really, really thin wood. Even the best builder in the world couldn't turn this sow's ear into a silk purse, Miri. It's junk!

 Miranda: That's a terrible thing to say about my house.

Wendy: It isn't YOUR house!

 Miranda: Okay, how about this. You don't have to promise me the house right now.

Wendy: Good. 

 Miranda: But...

 Miranda: I get first right of refusal when it's done. What do you say?

Wendy: Fine.

 Miranda: Really?

Wendy: Sure. When it's done, and you see what an unstable piece of junk it is, if you still want it, it's yours.

 Miranda: YAAY!!!

Miranda: *sing song* I get a house for Christmas! I get a house for Christmas!

Wendy: *sigh*


  1. Zorropirate8:17 AM



    Totally true! First doll gets the first house! Afterall that's law, dollymath indeed!!!

  2. Miranda is so happy! How sweet! I can't wait to see how it turns out--woohoo!

  3. It does seem only fair that the first doll gets the first house... ;)