Friday, March 30, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 29

Emi: Okay everyone, we're DONE! Good job, everybody!

(chaos ensues)

Ullrich: Hey... where'd Lenore's friend go?

Azrael: Excuse me! If I could have everyone's attention please!

Azrael: I am Detective Azrael St. Cloud, you are all...

Azrael: I would advise you not to come any closer, Sir.

Ullrich: Okay...

Azrael: As I was saying, you are all considered persons of interest in the murder of Princess Sheeri of the Colorado Royal Court. No one will be leaving the premises until my partner and I have had the opportunity to question all of you.

Jade: Hey Ullrich, um... let me handle this okay? Go take care of your little girl.

Ullrich: Okay, Jade, but this...

Jade: Yeah, I know. I'll take care of it.

Azrael: Excuse me?

Jade: YOU! How DARE you? You nearly pull a gun on a CIVILIAN? What are you THINKING?

Azrael: Valen, some crowd control please?

Valen: I'm sorry M'am, this is a police matter, you're going to have to...

Jade: Oh, I'm about to show you a "police matter" if you don't take your hand off me right this second.

Valen: Look, Lady...

Jade: Okay, I warned you...

(flip, toss, crash)

Valen: (from the floor) Ow.

Jade: Do I need to take you out too?

Azrael: You do realize that now I'm going to have to run you in for assaulting an officer. That's my partner, Detective Valen Southwind.

Jade: Well, I wouldn't worry too much about it, considering I'm about to have you both directing TRAFFIC! I'm Agent Jade Blackpool of Fae B.I., and you are WAY out of your jurisdiction, DETECTIVE.

Azrael: This is not a Fae B.I. matter. The police are investigating...

Jade: The police WERE investigating. The police were investigating a burglary. An investigation that they BUNGLED completely, giving the perp opportunity to come back and KILL the Princess two weeks later.

Azrael: Bungled is pretty harsh, Agent Blackpool...

Ullrich: Here, Valen. Let me help you up.

Valen: Thanks.

Ullrich: Why didn't you tell me you were a cop? What, doing surveillance? I thought we were friends.

Valen: Ullrich, I...

Giselle: Surveillance, hu? Was that what I was to you? A surveillance job?

Valen: Oh God, Giselle, no...

Giselle: You're a rat. And I hate you, Detective Rat.

Valen: Well, that went well.

Jade: You are directly interfering with my investigation!

Azrael: No one told me that the Fae B.I. had been called into this...

Ariel: Hmmm....
Ariel: Golly, it's been a fun party, but the cops are here, and gosh, look at the time!

Taelyn: Hey Ariel, what's going on?

Ariel: Taelyn! I... I've just gotten a phone call... my Uncle... Uncle Tex is very, very sick and I have to go take care of him.

Taelyn: Aww, I'm sorry Ariel. I sure hope he gets to feeling better.

Ariel: Yeah well, um...

Ariel: While I'm gone, would you mind watching my house? Feeding Baxter and all? Just make yourself at home while I'm away, okay sweetheart? Just like having your own house.

Taelyn: Wow, I...

Ariel: Great, gotta go. Dunno how long I'll be gone. Byeeeee.

Taelyn: Wow, my own house! I'm SAVED! And I can give the house I made to some other homeless pixie so they don't have to move either! WOW! Miss Ariel is the BEST!

Mercy: Gwindor? Gwindor? Where are you?

Mercy: (starting to cry) Gwindor... please. Where are you? I'm scared...

Female Voice: Are you okay, why are you crying? Can I help you find someone?

Mercy: M... Mom?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 27

Wendy: Hey, Emi. How's it going?

Emi: Well, I think everyone is here. Zephyr hasn't shot or attacked anyone since we got her bow away from her. Davan is telling off color jokes and has only been slapped twice. And there was apparently some kind of animal attack on the other end of the table, but it sounds like that's over.

Wendy: Wow. So business as usual then?

Emi: (smile) Pretty much. The Wizards have just arrived. They're coming up the stairs now.

Maggie: So many people... Miss Ixya... so many people...

Ixya: It'll be okay, Maggie. It's all right...

Maggie: (sob) Please don't make me go up there! Please Miss Ixya!!

Ixya: Um... Maggie, really...

Ixya: Hey, Kellan. A little help here?

Kellan: Um... (patting on head) there there, Maggie. It'll be okay.

Maggie: (still sobbing hysterically)

Flint: Here. Let me help. Maggie? Come here, Maggie. It'll be okay. I'll protect you, okay? It's just like when we were in that last town, remember? And you were fine...

Maggie: (sniffle) Okay...

Lenore: Why do you think that little girl was crying, Mr. Azrael?

Azrael: Well... maybe she's just scared. There are a LOT of fae up there...

Lenore: I'm sure they're all very nice, though. Even the ones I haven't met. Though all the ones I have met are very nice. Maybe one or two aren't nice, but mostly they're all nice, and...

Azrael: Oh, I'm sure they are, Lenore. I'm sure they are.

Lenore: Don't YOU be scared, Mr. Azrael.

Azrael: (smile) Well, with you helping me, I'm not scared at all, Lenore. Thank you.

Emi: Welcome, you must be the Wizard of Earth. I'm Emi, it's an honor...

Ullrich: Hmmm.

Ullrich: Hey, Emi. Who's that with Lenore?

Emi: Oh, Gods only know. Some strange fae that followed Wendy home, no doubt.

Ullrich: I don't like the look of him.

Emi: Hmm... truth be told, me neither. But he definitely looks like someone Wendy would bring home, and she definitely didn't run it by ME. (sigh)

Emi: Ullrich, I have to get this wild bunch organized and seated for the portrait. Can you keep an eye on Lenore's friend there for me, please?

Ullrich: Of course, Emi. Don't give it a second thought.

Ullrich: I won't let him out of my sight. Whoever he is....

Emi: All right, if I can have everyone's attention please! Let's get this family portrait DONE!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 26

Devika: So what are they, Mr. Lucien?

Lucien: They're little pixies, just from a different tribe. Peri said they flew into the window outside.

Kaia: And then we met up with Peri in the hall and he was carrying them.

Thorne: They're very fortunate that you brought them inside, Peri. This storm is pretty bad.

Perigrine: Kaia forgot the part where I'm a hero.

Kaia: (snort) Whatever.

Kaia: So do you think they'll be okay, Mr. Thorne?

Thorne: I'm sure they'll be fine, Kai. They'll recover and then we'll get to ask them about where they're from and collect their histories!

Perigrine: Well Lucien DID say I was a hero.

Kaia: Well, you kind of are, but heroes don't really go around saying "Hey, I'm a hero" now do they?

Thorne: Look! She's waking up. Welcome little pixie, we....


Perigrine: Oh yeah.... they fly.

Perigrine and Kaia: Uh-oh.

Kaia: GAAH!!! Help!!! Lucien! Get it off! Get it off!!

Kaia: OW!! It BIT me!!!!

Thorne: Lucien, don't move. Perhaps if she sees that her brother is safe she'll...

Lucien: AAAHH! OWWW! Please do not to be biting me!!!!

Perigrine: Okay, GOTCHA!

Lucien: Pearofgrim! That was to be BRILLIANT!

Perigrine: Yeah... well, I don't know how "brilliant" it's going to seem when she tears out of this blanket and tries to eat my face. Can I interest you in a blanket full of furious pixie?

Lucien: OH! Oh of course. Kaia, will you to be holding this little one, please?

Lucien: (speaking in Cattish) Be still little one. No one here will harm you. Your brother is safe and warm. You are inside away from the rain. Peace be to all of us, little one. Who are you?

Ocelot: (in Cattish) I am Ocelot of the Cattish tribe of the East. My brother, Lynx, he is well?

Lucien: (in Cattish) He is well, Ocelot of the East. It is my honor to meet you both. You may see him, and that he is well. But you must not BITE. Do you understand?

Ocelot: (in Cattish) Yes... um... sorry about that.

Ocelot: (in Cattish) Lynx... are you okay? Lynx, speak to me.

Lynx: (in Cattish) Uggg.... oh my head. Where are we?

Ocelot: (in Cattish) We are in a strange place, filled with strangers and weirdness. There is a large one that speaks our language, but doesn't smell like a cat. These fae are really weird and they taste bad. We need to get out of here. Do you think you can fly?

Lynx: (in Cattish) Oh... I don't know. Can't be all bad if you can wake up to a view like THIS. Hellooooo pretty lady!

Ocelot: (in Cattish) Why you little!

Kaia: Awww, they're so cute. Lucien, what are they saying?

Lucien: (smile) You don't want to be knowing....