Sunday, March 18, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 17

Ellie: OW! Bijou! Your boot is digging into my shoulder!

Bijou: Quit your whining and lift me higher! I've almost got it!

Bijou: Higher!

Ellie: I'm TRYING!

Rikki: What on Earth are you two doing?

Bijou: Wha? AAAH!!!


Ellie: Oh! Bijou!

Bijou: (groan)

Ellie: Bijou! Are you okay?

Bijou: Get off me you freak! I'm fine.

Rikki: ARE you okay? That was quite a fall.

Bijou: I'm FINE. No thanks to you, freaky boy/girl, elemental thing.

Rikki: If you wanted in, why didn't you just OPEN the door?

Ellie: Bijou doesn't have any magic.

Bijou: Shut up, Ellie!

Bijou: My Father says that people who use magic are just lazy, and that clever people do things WITHOUT magic.

Rikki: Oh, so he can't do magic either, then?


Rikki: (poof)

Bijou: (smack) Wha?

Ellie: OH!

Ellie: Tee, hee, hee!!!

Bijou: Shut UP, Ellie. Or else!

Bijou: Whatever. Ooh, elemental magic tricks. Spooky. We have to go to the portrait now, and I'd invite us to walk with us, but you'll probably just "poof" yourself there. Bye, little boy-girl freak.

Ellie: That was funny, Bijou. "boy-girl freak" (giggle) You told him. IT! YEAH! (laughter)

Bijou: (laughing) Yeah, what a loser.

Rikki: *sigh*

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