Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 13

Perigrine: I'll bet this garden is really beautiful in the Spring. OH! I know! This is the garden where the girls went riding on their little horses, uh... Nessa and that little tiny pixie girl, and Bunny... no, Rabbit. Yeah. I remember the pictures now...

Perigrine: Oh ho,.... and what have we here?

Perigrine: A lonely damsel, sitting in the chilly afternoon, alone.... wow is she pale. Royalty, perhaps? Hmmm...

Perigrine: Operation "Lonely Snow Fox" begins! Ahem... breath is good? Check. Hmm, a more traditional approach I believe. Approach selected? Check. All righty, lovely damsel, here comes Peri to keep you from being lonely. Oh yeah.

Perigrine: Ahem... excuse me, lovely. I saw you sitting here, so beautiful and peaceful, and thought I might come and introduce myself.

Perigrine: I am Perigrine Silvertongue, master of mischief, lord of laughter, child of comedy, wielder of words. May I join you, perhaps?

Valentine: (laughter) If you like.

Perigrine: May I know your name, lovely one, that it may remind me in my darkest hours that I have seen such beauty in the world.

Valentine: (giggle) I'm Valentine.

Perigrine: I am most honored to meet you, Lady Valentine. What is one so delicate as you doing alone, outside, as storms do threaten, mmm?

Valentine: I am waiting.

Perigrine: Hmm... fortunate is he whom you wait so diligently for.

Valentine: No, it isn't like that. I'm waiting for the Wizards to arrive, so I can let them in and guide them to the others in the house.

Perigrine: Ah, I see... so then it would be no threat to another were I to...

Perigrine: ... stay a while, here and....

Perigrine: ... wait with you.

Valentine: Nope.

Perigrine: ... Perigrine:... *sigh* So is this your normal task, Lady Valentine? Waiting, and guiding? For you are indeed a beacon of shining beauty and grace.

Valentine: (smile) I'm a seamstress mostly. What do you do?

Perigrine: Well, I had thought myself a fox catcher... but I think I may have been mistaken.


  1. oh how funny lol, lol, he certainly is smoooooooth with the words. I'm still chuckling with this chapter.
    WOW, what a pretty dress Valentine is wearing, did you make it?

  2. Hi Jan!

    Aww, thanks for reading! I'm glad you like Peri. He is a character, that's for sure.

    I wish I had the talent to make Valentine's dress. That's one of the beautiful new "Violet Fern" dresses that DDE recently got in. It's the "Pluto Drive - street wear" dress

    Glad you liked it! And Peri's adventures are really just beginning...

    Thanks again for reading my blog!