Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 26

Devika: So what are they, Mr. Lucien?

Lucien: They're little pixies, just from a different tribe. Peri said they flew into the window outside.

Kaia: And then we met up with Peri in the hall and he was carrying them.

Thorne: They're very fortunate that you brought them inside, Peri. This storm is pretty bad.

Perigrine: Kaia forgot the part where I'm a hero.

Kaia: (snort) Whatever.

Kaia: So do you think they'll be okay, Mr. Thorne?

Thorne: I'm sure they'll be fine, Kai. They'll recover and then we'll get to ask them about where they're from and collect their histories!

Perigrine: Well Lucien DID say I was a hero.

Kaia: Well, you kind of are, but heroes don't really go around saying "Hey, I'm a hero" now do they?

Thorne: Look! She's waking up. Welcome little pixie, we....


Perigrine: Oh yeah.... they fly.

Perigrine and Kaia: Uh-oh.

Kaia: GAAH!!! Help!!! Lucien! Get it off! Get it off!!

Kaia: OW!! It BIT me!!!!

Thorne: Lucien, don't move. Perhaps if she sees that her brother is safe she'll...

Lucien: AAAHH! OWWW! Please do not to be biting me!!!!

Perigrine: Okay, GOTCHA!

Lucien: Pearofgrim! That was to be BRILLIANT!

Perigrine: Yeah... well, I don't know how "brilliant" it's going to seem when she tears out of this blanket and tries to eat my face. Can I interest you in a blanket full of furious pixie?

Lucien: OH! Oh of course. Kaia, will you to be holding this little one, please?

Lucien: (speaking in Cattish) Be still little one. No one here will harm you. Your brother is safe and warm. You are inside away from the rain. Peace be to all of us, little one. Who are you?

Ocelot: (in Cattish) I am Ocelot of the Cattish tribe of the East. My brother, Lynx, he is well?

Lucien: (in Cattish) He is well, Ocelot of the East. It is my honor to meet you both. You may see him, and that he is well. But you must not BITE. Do you understand?

Ocelot: (in Cattish) Yes... um... sorry about that.

Ocelot: (in Cattish) Lynx... are you okay? Lynx, speak to me.

Lynx: (in Cattish) Uggg.... oh my head. Where are we?

Ocelot: (in Cattish) We are in a strange place, filled with strangers and weirdness. There is a large one that speaks our language, but doesn't smell like a cat. These fae are really weird and they taste bad. We need to get out of here. Do you think you can fly?

Lynx: (in Cattish) Oh... I don't know. Can't be all bad if you can wake up to a view like THIS. Hellooooo pretty lady!

Ocelot: (in Cattish) Why you little!

Kaia: Awww, they're so cute. Lucien, what are they saying?

Lucien: (smile) You don't want to be knowing....