Sunday, March 04, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 3

Miranda: (knocking on door)

Ariel: (inside) Come on in!

Ariel: Miri! What a pleasant surprise! Come on in! You haven't really seen the house yet, have ya?

Miranda: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So...

Miranda: I have really good news.

Ariel: Oh yeah?

Miranda: Yeah, Wendy said you don't have to come for the family portrait. (closing door) Instead, you two are going for a drive, down to the lake. She's got a nice burlap bag for you to ride in, with some bricks in it...

Ariel: Oh Miri, you're so silly! I just have to run upstairs and get my hat, and then we can go to the portrait sittin' and the family meetin'. This'll be great! Be right back! Make yourself at home, dumplin'.

Miranda: (sigh)

Miranda: (quietly) It really IS a nice little house. I wouldn't mind having a house...

Miranda: And you! Stupid dog. Didn't anyone tell you dogs are supposed to be GOOD judges of character? Why don't you bite her or something?

Baxter: WOOF!


  1. (muffled chuckles) I really liked Miranda's last comment. It made my day.

  2. How many houses do you have? As many as you have pixies?

    Very very cute, and very well done

  3. How funny she (Miri) is LOL. Not to mention how many times have we all felt that way at times LOL, LOL,LOL