Friday, March 02, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 1

Salem: I don't see why _I_ have to go to this. I'm not part of the family. And it's a family portrait, right?

Syrinx: Well, you are my niece, you live here, and Wendy says you ARE part of the family. Congratulations. You qualify. You are going. You're going to the family meeting afterwards too.

Salem: But she doesn't even know who I am! And I don't KNOW anyone!

Syrinx: Salem, you are GOING. Now quit whining, and get ready.

(meanwhile, elsewhere in the Treehouse....)

Devika: Okay... so I think we're ready to go. Miri and Ariel are meeting us there... so are Andi and Saoirse, and they're going to get Xylia...

Taelyn: Mr. Thorne, why are we doing a family portrait anyway?

Thorne: Well, I know Wendy's been thinking about it for a while, and it'll be nice to have a picture of everyone all together, won't it?

Ophelia: I heard that she's doing a family portrait as a kind of "inventory". To see who's going to be staying here and who's moving out.

Thorne: What?

Ophelia: Well, you know... her friends said that she'd be sick of pixies in six months. So she's probably just beginning to weed out the pixies she's sick of.

Thorne: Hmmm... it will be exactly six months on the 7th of March, but I really don't think...

Taelyn: Oh NO!!! I don't want to move out!!!

(to be continued...)

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