Monday, March 05, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 4

Andara: Xylia!! Hello? Xylia!!!!

Saoirse: Zye....leeee.....aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

Saoirse: Maybe she's not here anymore.

Andara: Wendy said she saw here hanging around the plants a few days ago. She put out a fairy house for her. So we're supposed to look there.

Saoirse: But we're going to be late for the pictures!!

Andara: Well, this would've gone a whole lot faster on horseback, now wouldn't it?

Saoirse: I'm afraid of the horsies...

Andara: There's her house over there.

Andara: Don't worry, Saoirse. We'll find a horsie for you, one that you're not afraid of. Okay? Now come on.

Saoirse: She's not here.

Andara: Good eye there, Dr. Livingston. But she's got to be around here somewhere. We'll just keep looking.

Andara: Xylia!!! Where are you? We have to go for the family portrait!

Saoirse: Xylia!!! Chocolate!!!

Andara: Uh... "chocolate"?

Saoirse: Yeah, "chocolate". Who's going to come running for someone calling out "Portrait"?

Andara: (shaking head) Fine.

Saoirse: She could be anywhere. This is hopeless. If she won't come out for chocolate I don't think she's coming at all.

Andara: Well, we just have to keep our eyes peeled.

Xylia: Hello?

Andara and Saoirse: XYLIA!

Xylia: Don't leave without me. I'm coming right down.

Andara: Didn't you hear us calling for you?

Xylia: Well, yes. But at first you didn't say anything about CHOCOLATE!

Saoirse: SEE?! I told you!

Andara: Oh brother...

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