Sunday, March 11, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 10

(Perigrine moves in - as told by Wendy)

There was a BJD meetup today at Denver Doll Emporium. There were many, many beautiful dolls all lined up on one of the counters.

But, there was also a black haired doll that I kept seeing around, but never on the counter with the rest of the dolls.

I figured he belonged to someone who was just playing with him, even though I never saw anyone near him.

He ended up in the weirdest places. And always looking as if he were sneaking around.

It didn't bug me, and I didn't think much of it until...

...I caught him sneaking around my purse.

"Oh, is this your purse?" he asked innocently.

And when I looked again, he was gone.

I checked if anything was missing, and nothing was. I forgot about it, and just admired everyone else's beautiful dollies, not thinking about the strange, black haired doll at all, until I was getting ready to leave...

... and found him hiding in my purse, hood up, as if it somehow made him invisible.

"What on Earth are you doing in my purse?!" I asked

"Um... I thought you might take me home this way," he replied. I didn't think you'd notice.

"And you have so many dolls, I figured once I got to your house, I could just blend in." he continued.

"Well, you're wrong, my little dolly friend. It doesn't work like that," I said, rather irritated. "How do you know how many dolls I have, anyway?"

"I read your blog, on the internet, and I saw the pictures," he replied, sadly. "I just thought, it looks so nice there, and like you really liked pixie dolls... and it would be the perfect home for a doll who's a pixie and doesn't have anywhere to live. But, I'm sorry I bothered you."

"Wait," I said.

"You're a pixie, but you know you're a doll?"

"Yeah," he replied, with a quizzical look. "Don't all dolls know?"

"No, no I don't think they do. What's your name, pixie doll?"

"You can call me Peri, but it's short for Perigrine."

"Well, Peri, short for Perigrine... wanna go for a ride?"

"YEAH!!!", he shouted, and hugged my leg (which there is no picture of because that's just plain embarrassing, for both of us). (to be continued)


(Perigrine moves in - as told by Perigrine)

Hey, chicks dig me. Seriously, how could she NOT take me home?


  1. Haheheheheh! You just can't stop yourself, Wendy!

    Now you too have a Peregrin(e). Peregrins are very mischievous faes... as I am finding out these days with mine.

    p.s. When's the big portrait?

  2. LOL, I knew it the moment I saw him, all alone, sitting on the floor in a corner, he would find his way into your heart and home, I waited to see how he would make claim on you LOL, and make his escape from the shop. Ta da, Of course the large purse, (snicker)how fun for the two of you.( and the readers imagination) Certainly he is having a wonderful time joining in with "the family". Peri is quite the handsome fellow, and my guess is some of your girls will be taking deep swooning sighs upon meeting him.

  3. Wow, you are such a finder of souls. I am so very behind on my dolls. We had a doll show, vintage, and I have been taken with those dolls.

    My Aren of the Labyrinth calls to me and I have taxes to do! Yikes!

    reality calls.

  4. Hi Julia, Jan and Sophia!!!

    Julia - Goodness only knows when the full family portrait will be done. I've taken to updating daily so hopefully it'll be done sometime this MONTH. Keep in mind, all of this is ONE DAY! GAH!

    Jan - Peri is already making the moves on my girls, but you'll see in the next (I think) blog entry. The funny part is, I already had Peri. He's been hanging around my house for a while, and we just weren't really bonding. So, the real irony is, I had taken Peri to DDE with me to see about getting him an outfit so I could sell him. (I didn't want to sell him naked. I'm a dork.) And while hanging around at the meetup, I fell completely in love with him. Heartwarming story, isn't it? (sniffle) :)

    Sophia Always makes me sad to hear that reality is getting in the way of someone's dolly time. I am looking forward to seeing the adventures your dollies get up to. And, you know, your blog doesn't have to JUST be your BJD girls. Play with anyone you want to! If you're suddenly taken with vintage dolls, take pictures of them too. :) But that's just me, and odds are my Snappy dolls will be making an appearance here soon. :)

    Anyway, thanks, all of you, for reading my goofy little stories. It means a lot to me. More than I can tell you. :)

    Have a good one!!!