Saturday, March 10, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 9

Lenore: Well, she could be anywhere I guess, Larkin...

Eponine: Zephyr!! NO!!!!

(twang of bowstring)

(arrow strikes near Larkin's hoof)

Lenore: OH!

Lenore: Don't shoot! Please! I come in peace!

Eponine: OH! Lenore! That was close! Are you okay?

Lenore: I think so, thank you.

Zephyr: You made me miss my shot. Harumph.

Eponine: Oh, Lenore. I am so glad you're okay. What brings you up here?

Lenore: Emi sent me to get you for the family portrait. She wasn't sure if you were coming, or if you even got the original message.

Eponine: Hmmm, I had not. I've been busy, entertaining family. This is my sister, Zephyr.

Zephyr: Princess Zephyr, thank you.

Eponine: Well I'll have you know you nearly shot an innocent human child, Princess Zephyr.

Zephyr: Hmmm.

Eponine: Well, I'll come with you for the portrait, Lenore. Thank you for coming and getting me.

Zephyr: Hmmm.... innocent human child, eh?

Zephyr: What kind of innocent human keeps a horse SLAVE, Eponine? Hmm?

Eponine: Zeph....

Zephyr: Savages! I've told you before! You spend too much time among the humans and the fae, and forget what they really are. Unreasoning savages!

Lenore: I have retrieved your arrow for you, your majesty, Princess Zephyr.

Zephyr: Hmmm.

Zephyr: Perhaps not completely unreasoning. Interesting.

Zephyr: Thank you child. You may rise.

Lenore: Thank you, your Majesty.

Eponine: You shouldn't be encouraging her, Lenore. She's got ego enough. Anyway, shall we go?

Zephyr: There is a storm moving in.

Lenore: RATS! If I get rained on in this dress, Ama will KILL me! Let's go!

Lenore: Will you join us, Princess Zephyr? You should be in the portrait too, Majesty.

Zephyr: You intrigue me, child. You are wise beyond your years, and a most excellent servant. I will join you. Might as well meet the rest of my kingdom, no?

Eponine: I can't imagine what the rest of her "kindgom" is going to make of her.

Lenore: Well, as long as she doesn't shoot anyone, it should be fine. Don't you think?

Eponine: Yes... unfortunately, I can't guarantee that she won't...

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