Sunday, March 25, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 24

Giselle: Well hello, Valen....

Valen: (from under lampshade) mumble...

Giselle: Just taking in the view. Here, let me hold that chair for you. That's not safe you know. Didn't your mom ever tell you not to climb on the furniture?

(click of lightswitch)

Valen: Yeah, my mom did tell me not to climb on the furniture. She warned me about girls like you, too.

Valen: But I'm not taking her advice about that either.

Giselle: Good. (smile) You are so funny. You make me so happy.

Giselle: You haven't been here what... three weeks, and I really think I'm falling for you.

Valen: Yeah... I know the feeling, babe.

(in the distance, growling and snarling and Kaia yelling)

Kaia: GAAH!!! Help!!! Lucien! Get it off! Get it off!! OW!! It BIT me!!!!

Lucien: AAAHH! OWWW! Please do not to be biting me!!!!

Valen: What the...?