Thursday, March 15, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 14

Peregrine: So these Wizards.... they know you're expecting them, right?

Valentine: Of course. They'll be here.

Peregrine: It's just... the wind is kicking up and it's getting cold. I'm afraid for your delicate nature... that you might catch a chill. Perhaps if I could come and...


Peregrine: WOAH! What the heck was that?


Valentine: OH! Oh No!!! Oh, Perigrine, how awful!!!

Peregrine: The wind must have thrown them off, oh and right into the window! Ouch!

Valentine: Oh, the poor little things.

Perigrine: This one is still breathing, I think she just knocked herself silly.

Valentine: This one is breathing too! Oh thank goodness! I was afraid they were dead!

Valentine: You have to bring them inside, out of this wind.

Perigrine: ME? But...

Valentine: I have to wait here for the wizards. Please, Perigrine... they can't recover in this wind, they need to be somewhere warm, or they could go into shock and THEN die.

Perigrine: Well... okay, but I do this only for you, my lovely Valentine. (quietly) Though, I have a bad feeling about this...

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  1. Good action scenes, good posing!