Saturday, March 24, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 23

Perigrine: (talking to self) Okay, so Lucien said to take a left, and then a right...

Rowan: Perigrine?

Perigrine: Rowan! How lovely to see you! What are you doing here?

Rowan: Perigrine Forktongue. I hoped to never see you again. You have undoubtedly lied and cheated your way into this house, as you always do.

Perigrine: You know, I can't help but get the feeling that you're just not happy to see me.

Rowan: Does the human woman know what you are? Does she know that you nearly wiped out an entire tribe with your lies and your tricks? MY tribe?

Perigrine: All ancient history, Rowan my friend! I am a changed Perigrine! I'm a HERO! But, speaking of history, does she know your history? Hmmmm?

Rowan: (quietly) There hasn't been time... I will tell her, but it's been so busy.

Perigrine: Well, we could go tell her our histories together. OR.... I could keep your secrets and you could keep mine.

Rowan: That's blackmail you vile, lying...

Perigrine: It is NOT blackmail! I'm simply suggesting that we let the past be the past. I am a changed fae! You need only give me a chance and I will show you! And you... well, I suppose you can't change, can you? But still, there's no reason for your background to come up if mine doesn't.

Rowan: I cannot believe you are here. I cannot believe this is happening.

Perigrine: I feel the same way! I am so happy to see a familiar face! I'm so looking forward to showing you how I've changed, Rowan! You'll see!

Perigrine: Shall we go to the family portrait now?

Perigrine: Isn't it wonderful to BE part of a family?

Rowan: I had a family... one that you cost me... and you will not cost me this one, Perigrine Forktongue. I swear it.