Saturday, March 03, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 2

Hana: Okay, so I think we're all ready go to, hu?

Tessa: Almost, I think this side zipper thing is stuck.

Opal: It's really nice of Wendy to let us come. I didn't think she thought of us as family, you know?

Hana: Well, she listed all of us on the "family portrait" e-mail. So there you go. But yeah, it is nice to be included.

Opal: Here, Tessa. Let me help you with that.

April: So THEY were probably included too, hu?

Hana: Yeah, they were on the e-mail. But I don't know if they'd go to something like a family portrait and meeting, you know?

Hana: But, even if they do, Amber and her little "pack" know better than to start anything with us. Especially with Wendy right there. It'll be okay. I hope...

(meanwhile, a few apartments over)

Jo: Yeah, they got copied on the e-mail. I can't see Hana refusing to go, and if she goes, they all will.

Cyn: Well, we're ready for them.

Amber: Indeed.

Jo: Amber, what ARE we going to do if they're there? I mean...

Amber: Nothing. Nothing is going to happen. We'll all just smile, and put on happy faces for Wendy's little portrait. We'll probably ditch the meeting afterwards, though.

Amber: Hana and her crew aren't going to give us trouble in front of everyone else. And if they do... well, they'll just wish they hadn't, now won't they?

(to be continued)


  1. Very cute, my Aren is home.....come see on my blog!

  2. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.... Can't wait for the that family meeting and pictures! Want to see "the new guy"... *chuckles*
    ~~Julia~~ (miffimifster on DoA).