Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 6

Emi: Okay, Tori and Twig, you two will be headed up next and we'll....


Emi: Who would be arriving now? Maybe the mail. Yeah, probably the mail. Hey, Miri!

Miranda: Yeah?

Emi: Get the door, okay?

Miranda: Oh yeah, right on it. Because I live to serve and all.

Miranda: Yeah? What?

Rowan: Hi, um... my name is Rowan. I just got here from Canada and...

Miranda: Yeah, we don't want any magazines. Glad you're off drugs, or whatever else you're using as a selling tactic.

Rowan: But I...

Miranda: At least the magazine sales guys are getting cuter. Better luck at the next house, dude.

(closes door, which is suddenly held open by Emi)

Emi: Miri! What are you doing?

Miranda: Well my mistake. I didn't think we wanted any magazines. But whatever.

Emi: Hi... you must be Rowan. I'm Emi, it's so wonderful to finally meet you. I am so sorry about the misunderstanding, please come in.

Miranda: (muttering to self) Fine. Buy yourself some subscription to a magazine from a cute Canadian. See if I care. It's your money, fool. Harumph.


  1. How funny little Miri comments are. LOL She catches me unaware of what's to come out of her mouth. LOL,LOL. I learned (the hard way) not to be drinkin anything while reading about her.

  2. Where is Marius? Is he not yours?

  3. Hi Sophia. Marius is not Wendy's doll, he's mine. He was just visiting for awhile and she was nice enough to help me develop his back-story. He's home safe and sound with Persephone and you can follow his story more at Pomegranate Dreams. Right now the light in the Pacific Northwest hasn't been that great and Persephone is having some stringing issues, but I hope to get more shots done that I can share. I'll never have Wendy's talent but I'm going to give it my best shot. I'm glad you like Marius!