Sunday, May 09, 2010

One Big Mess

Prudence: I can't believe what a mess this place is, Miss Noelle.

Prudence: Ahma would never have let us make a mess like this.

Noelle: Well, since Ahma's been sick, and Theia's been watching Louisa and Calla, I think some things are being let slide that maybe shouldn't be.

Prudence: Where are they?

Noelle: I asked Theia to take them outside to play, so you could come gather your things. I didn't think you'd want to be around them.

Prudence: No, I guess not.

Prudence: Everything changed when Lenore forgot us. Everything.

Noelle: Yeah, I guess it did. Ahma's sick. Louisa and Calla are twerps.

Noelle: But you're doing okay, right? Now that you're my dolly?

Prudence: Yes, but... thank you for all my new clothes and everything but...

Noelle: But what?

Prudence: Well, it'll be a lot to pack and ship with me when you get sick of me.

Noelle: Darmit, Prudence!

Noelle: I promised you a home as long as you want one. And I mean it. As long as you want to be my doll, you'll be my doll.

Noelle: Unless you're sick of me already. I never had a doll before. I'm probably not very good at taking care of a doll.

Prudence: No! You're wonderful. I just... everyone always gets sick of me and sends me away. You know, eventually.

Noelle: All right. Tell you what. I promise not to get sick of you, if you promise not to get sick of me. Deal?

Prudence: Deal.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Prudence Finds Her Way Home

Prudence: Okay, almost there.

Prudence: Uh oh. That giant bunny woman is still up. Hmm. We can make it. Just go fast, Prudence.

Noelle: Huh?

Noelle: Hmmm, that was a little big to be a mouse.

Noelle: Hello? Hey, I saw you sneak in here. Come on out and show yourself.

Prudence: No.

Noelle: Please?

Noelle: Hey, little one. What are you doing hiding under there? Hmm?

Prudence: Nothing.

Noelle: Okay. I'm Noelle, Wendy's roommate. Why don't you come out and have a midnight snack with me and tell me why you're hiding among the boxes, hu?

Prudence: Um okay, just don't tell Miss Wendy you found me, or where I am okay?

Noelle: She's already gone to bed, so don't worry about that. But why?

Prudence: She's going to put me in a box and mail me away.

Noelle: Over my dead body she is. I won't let her ship you away if you don't want to go. Come on out, have some carrots with me, and I'll keep you safe.

Prudence: Promise?

Noelle: Bunny's Honor.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Telephone, Telegram, Tell-a-Pixie

Sadie: Bye now. Thanks for stopping in.

Roo: So then what happened?

Sadie: Well, the way I heard it was that Ahma just fell over. Just collapsed right there.

Roo: That's pretty weird.

Sadie: It gets even weirder. I guess she said something like "Oh no. The girls." right before she fainted. And, get this. Turns out the girls were fighting on the other side of the house when she collapsed. Weird, hu?

Roo: No way. Is Ahma okay?

Sadie: Yeah, I guess so. They said she's kinda weak and stuff, but she's up and around. Oh, but that little dark haired girl, uh, Prudence I think her name is. She's gone missing since the fight. No one's seen her.

Sadie: There's something really weird about all this, Roo. It just "feels" weird.

Roo: Yeah. I don't know those girls of Ahma's, but I never heard anything about them being bad kids or fighting or anything.

Sadie: Yeah, me neither.

Roo: Probably just Springtime. They're just all restless, or something.

Sadie: Maybe.

Sadie: I dunno, just feels like something's going on. Something weird or bad or something. You know?

Roo: Yeah.