Sunday, May 09, 2010

One Big Mess

Prudence: I can't believe what a mess this place is, Miss Noelle.

Prudence: Ahma would never have let us make a mess like this.

Noelle: Well, since Ahma's been sick, and Theia's been watching Louisa and Calla, I think some things are being let slide that maybe shouldn't be.

Prudence: Where are they?

Noelle: I asked Theia to take them outside to play, so you could come gather your things. I didn't think you'd want to be around them.

Prudence: No, I guess not.

Prudence: Everything changed when Lenore forgot us. Everything.

Noelle: Yeah, I guess it did. Ahma's sick. Louisa and Calla are twerps.

Noelle: But you're doing okay, right? Now that you're my dolly?

Prudence: Yes, but... thank you for all my new clothes and everything but...

Noelle: But what?

Prudence: Well, it'll be a lot to pack and ship with me when you get sick of me.

Noelle: Darmit, Prudence!

Noelle: I promised you a home as long as you want one. And I mean it. As long as you want to be my doll, you'll be my doll.

Noelle: Unless you're sick of me already. I never had a doll before. I'm probably not very good at taking care of a doll.

Prudence: No! You're wonderful. I just... everyone always gets sick of me and sends me away. You know, eventually.

Noelle: All right. Tell you what. I promise not to get sick of you, if you promise not to get sick of me. Deal?

Prudence: Deal.